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height, presenting every advantage for quarrying. At its base runs the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, and a few hundred feet further, the Potomac empties into the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal basin. Limestone would hardly cost 80 cents per ton at this point. Niagara limestone of fine quality, and unlimited quantity, is found a few miles South, near the Potomac.

The far-famed Cumberland, or George's Creek, Coal is too well known to require any special notice; containing, as it does, over 75 per cent, fixed carbon, a ton of coke can be made in modern Belgian ovens with an expenditure of 1 ? tons of coal. Hence works owning ovens can produce coke for $2.80 per ton, and if they likewise are owners of coal lands, for $2.40 per ton.

A pair of modern Furnaces, at least eighteen feet in the bosh, and seventy feet high, built with all labor-saving improvements, ample hot blasts, blowing engines, calcining kilns, and coke ovens, could manufacture iron at the following cost.

A cold short iron, containing 1.3 per cent. phosphorus, made exclusively from 40 per cent. Fossil:
2½ tons Ore at $3.80 -       $9.50
1 ton Limestone - 80
1½ tons Coke at $2.80        4.20
Labor and salaries -        3.50
Materials and general expenses - 1.00
A neutral iron containing 0.7 per cent, of Phosphorus, and some Titanium, smelted from a 40 per cent, stock of equal parts of the Levant and Limestone fossil mixture, and titaniferous Magnetite; which stock will yield sufficient cinder to prevent any difficulty from the refractory character of the Titanium Ore :
2½ tons Ore at $4.32 - $10.80
1¼ tons Stone at 80 cents -         1.00
l½ tons Coke at $2.80 -        4.20
Labor -        3.00
Materials -        1.00
Estimating the average cost of North Mountain and Fredericktown hematites, at $5.20 per ton, and their yield at only 45 per cent., and further, allowing the make of the furnaces to increase 8 per


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C.J. Orrick


Collection Location:
Allegany County Public Library

Original Size:
21 x 14 cms

Board of Trade of the City of Cumberland

Mines and mineral resources, Maryland, Cumberland

Cumberland, Md., 1870s

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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