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Hagerstown District Telephone Directory 1907 - Hagerstown, page 21.

Hagerstown District Telephone Directory of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1907: Page 21 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



Hagers       242-F       KING, W. B., Residence       38 Broadway
Hagers       857-12       KING, W. D., Residence       Mapleville, Md
Hagers       156-B       KIRACOFB, C. ELMER, Residence       485 W. Church
Hagers       855-4       KLINE BROS., Flour, Feed, etc       Benevola, Md
Hagers       855-4       KLINE, H. A., Office       Benevola, Md
Hagers       855-4       KLINE, S. P. F., Office       Benevola, Md
Hagers       261-R       KLOTZ, MAX, Residence       234 S. Cannon av
Hagers       45-F       KNEISLEY, DR. H. L., Residence       449 W. Washington
Hagers       272-K       KNEPPER, CHESTER C, Fish Market       110 W. Franklin
Keedys       14-11       KNODE, EDWARD, Residence        Main, Boonsboro, Md
Keedys       14-11       KNODE, SAMUEL, Residence        Main, Boonsboro, Md
Keedys       14-11       KNODE, MRS. SAMUEL, Residence        Main, Boonsboro, Md
Hagers       114-F       KNODLE, EDWARD, Residence       173 Summit av
Hagers       89-W       KOEHLER, C. VICTOR, Architect       117 W. Washington
Hagers       11-K       KOEHLER, H. C, Agent W. Md. R. R. Co       Hood
Keedys       7-3       KOOGLE, CHAS. E., Cashier, Keedysville Bank       Keedysville, Md
Hagers       126-R       KOONTZ, EDWARD, Residence       24 Frederick
Hagers       126-W       KOONTZ, F. C, Slaughter House       Rear 28 Frederick
Hagers       60-K       KOUNTZ, MISS ETHA, Residence       40 S. Mulberry
Hagers       239-K       KREGELO, WM. E., Blacksmith       Rear 28 E. Washington
Hagers       40-W       KREMER, F. H., Meats & Provisions       212 S. Potomac
Wmspt       19-R       KREPS, J. F., Residence       Williamsport, Md
Hagers       840-14       KREPS, JAS. B., Residence       Spickler Md
Hagers       229-W       LABBERTE, MAXIMILIEN, Residence       E. Baltimore
Hagers       244-W       LAMBERT, J. E., Residence       26 E. North
Hagers       14-W       LANDIS HOUSE, Pay Station       74 W. Washington
Hagers       65       LANE, CHAS. S., Eavey, Lane & Co       63 W. Washington
Hagers       113-R       LANE, CHAS. S., Residence       150 Prospect
Hagers       38-R       LANE, J. CLARENCE, Attorney       7-9 Eavey-Lane Bldg
Hagers       116-W       LANE, J. CLARENCE, Residence       168 Prospect
Hagers       249-F       LANE, JOHN M., Residence       125 S. Prospect
Hagers       38-R       LANE & KEEDY, Attorneys-at-Law       7-9 Eavey-Lane Bldg
Hagers       116-R       LANE, W. P., Residence       217 Prospect
Hagers       65       LANE, WM. P., Eavey, Lane & Co       63 W. Washington
Hagers       858-31       LAPPANS, MD., Joseph N. Sensenbaugh       
Hagers       198-W       LAUGHLIN, DR. MARY A., Residence       28 W. Franklin
Hagers       308-R       LAUGHLIN, DR. MARY A., Residence       146 W. Franklin
Hagers       308-R       LAUGHLIN, DR. J. ROYER, Residence       146 W. Franklin
Hagers       842-12       LAYMAN, GEO. W., Residence       Maugansville Road, near Hagerstown
Hagers       841-5       LAYMAN, N., Residence       Middleburg
Hagers       842-12       LAYMAN, MRS. SUSAN S., Res.,       Maugansville Road, near Hagerstown
Wmspt       18-K       LEADER, THE, Office       Salisbury
Hagers       858-32       LEATHERMAN, WM. B., Residence       N. E. of Fairplay, Md

Wholesale Dealer in
Scrap Iron, Metals, Rubber
LOUIS LYON, Proprietor
Long Distance Telephone       Highest Market Prices Paid. Give us a Trial and be Convinced
Office and Yard, 243-245 N. Jonathan Street, Hagerstown, Md



Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company

Public domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
24 x 16 cms

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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