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Cost of living drops

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Foodstuffs in this city has dropped to an average of 40% over last year according to an investigation made by the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce, following inquiries made by officials of the largest industrial corporation here.

Some difficulty has been experienced by corporations here in inducing workers of Middle Western cities to take employment in this city -because individuals had complained that the cost of foodstuffs, rentals and other expenses are higher here than in Middle Western cities.

Investigation by the Chamber of Commerce, through Franklin H. Ankeney, secretary, and other officials has clearly developed that prices are lower here than in the cities from which the industrial employees are employed.

A comparative statement of prices on edibles from last year to the present time, submitted to the secretary by a cash and carry grocery store plainly show the big drop.

The statement which enumerates every principle article of foodstuffs which have been cut in price follows:

Butter which sold for 70 a pound last year is now quoted at 42 cents; lard was 27 cents, now 12 to 15 cents; eggs were 55 cents, now 32 cents a dozen; rice was 18, now 8 cents; sugar was 22 cents, now 7 cents; coffee was 25 to 60 cents, now 15 to 40 cents; beans were 15 cents, now 5 to 6 cents a pound; bacon was 40, now 23 to 30 cents; bread was 10, now 8 -10 cents; flour was $1.13, now 55 to 70 cents; canned fruits have declined from 15 to 25 percent; meats have reduced 10 to 20 percent over last year, which in all averages a general cut of 40 percent, according to the figures compiled.

The National Wholesale Dry Goods Association, of Philadelphia, has issued a circular showing a general drop in the prices of both foodstuffs and dry goods. It shows that one year ago 100 pounds of granulated sugar cost $30. The table shows at the present date $30 will buy 100 pounds of sugar, 100 of flour; 25 pounds of oatmeal, 4 pounds of coffee, 12 cans of tomatoes, 12 cans of corn, 1 box of crackers, 12 pounds of rice, 16 pounds of beans, 12 cans of peaches, 12 homily and 12 cans of pork and beans.


Cumberland Times


Collection Location:
Allegany College of Maryland

Cumberland (Md.) press coverage; Cumberland (Md.) Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland (Md.), 1920-1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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