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Do you know what the Chamber of Commerce does?

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Do you really know what Chamber of Commerce does?

It is back of Cumberland Development Company.
It is back of Cumberland Industrial Corporation.
It is constantly working to increase industrial and commercial prosperity.
It is going to assist, if possible, in building Cumberland homes.
It is actually helping individual members to do a greater business in their stores.
It is called upon continually to give credit ratings.
It has helped and is helping in municipal improvements.
It is helping many and can help all its members in their individual problems.
It has helped and will help the insurance, real estate, doctor, merchant, and lawyers members.
It has helped labor and will help labor as is it has helped capital.

The following citizens of Cumberland make up the officers and the three Boards of Directors of the Chamber of Cumberland Development Company, and the Cumberland Industrial Corporation

Wm. L. Sperry, President.
Irving T. Holland, Vice-Pres.
Thos. W. Koon
Geo. G. Young, Treasurer
H. D. Billmeyer
James M. Conway
Thos. B. Finan
H. U. F. Flurshutz
Thos. Footer
Isaac Hirsch
W. Wallace McKaig.
Albert Charles
Simon Rosenbaum
L. L. Helmer, Vice-Pres.
John G. Lynn, Jr.,
Tasker G. Lowndes, Vice-Pres
John S. McCauley
Susman Rosenbaum
Henry Shriver
D. L. Sloan
Henry Vogel
Harry E. Weber
Arthur Weber
Louis Weber
Geo. L. Wellington
I. Blaine White
F. H. Ankeney, Secretary
Hugh A. McMullen
Chas. G. Holzshu
John Keating
Merwin McKaig
James Clark
A. A. Doub
Henry J. Glick
A. P. Gross
Robt. R. Henderson
James A. McHenry
D. P. Miller
John Schwarzenbach
W. R. Moore, Manager, Traffic Bureau

They have given unstintingly of their time, without one cent of direct compensation and yet with the full realization that while they were received nothing direct from the companies whose destinies they direct, they would receive in their different businesses and professions the benefit of the general prosperity.

The Chamber of Commerce first started to become active in the fall of 1914, but its activities since then have been so diversified that there is only space here to mention one or two of the more important pieces of work accomplished.

Credit must be given to the Chamber for much of the street improvement in Cumberland and particularly Baltimore street. The lighting system of this street is directly due to the efforts of the Chamber.

These two illustrations are of physical development of the city and were necessary before industrial development could be undertaken.

The great Kelly-Springfield Plant is here in Cumberland, and its presence is due entirely to the efforts exerted by the active members of the Chamber of Commerce. This industry not only furnished considerable prosperity in the city during construction period, but now that it is in operation, we are going to witness even a greater prosperity.

When the financing of the location of the industry was undertaken, it was found that the charter of the Chamber of Commerce did not permit that body to handle the work, so through and by the Chamber, was incorporated the Cumberland Development Company and the Cumberland Industrial Corporation with the Chamber of Commerce to "steer the ship."

Other industrial interests must be attracted to Cumberland and we must build our city to much greater proportions. Our goal should be a population of 100,009.

We must have the Chamber of Commerce to direct this work, and we are anxious for citizens to make plain exactly what position the Chamber of Commerce holds within the community.

There is not a cent of profit to a single individual citizen; and today, after a period of six years, when we look back at the tremendous amount of work done by our most successful and busiest citizens, we cannot fail to appreciate the effort that they have freely given for the benefit of all.

At the same time realizing, and it is a fact that the Chamber of Commerce may be of advantage to each and every one if they will take opportunity of using the facilities provided. Many of the skeptical ones of a few years ago have become and are today the strongest advocates of the Chamber of Commerce, because they have taken the little time necessary to learn what the Chamber is doing for the entire community.

The Chamber of Commerce, with your help and with the help of the other citizens, can build this community physically, industrially, and financially to such a point where people from the outside will point to Cumberland as the greatest example, of community co-operation, prosperity and, happiness; a decent place to live, a place where our children may be brought up and educated in modern schools, where the merchants may display to the citizens a greater selection of stock, and where our visitors will say, "Isn't that a dandy city?”

Cumberland is struggling with big problems, we are making progress in the solution of them, and when we tell you that authorities who know the facts, state without hesitation that the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce has offered to the country the best and greatest example of industrial development brought about by any Chamber of Commerce we know that you will stop to think.

Executive committee

Henry Shriver, Chairman; Herman Bilimeyer, John McCauley, Wm. L. Sperry


William L. Sperry, President
Irving T. Holland, Vice President
Tasker G. Lowndes, Vice-President
Leslie Helmer, Vice-President
George G. Young, Treasurer
Franklin H. Ankeney, Secretary
W. R. Moore, Manager, Traffic Bureau


Cumberland Daily News


Collection Location:
Allegany College of Maryland

Cumberland (Md.) press coverage; Cumberland (Md.) Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland (Md.), 1920-1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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