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Improve Normal School No. 2

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Frostburg, Md.,       Jan 9, 1922

To the Editor of the Evening Times:

I desire to call to your attention and the attention of your readers, to what we in Frostburg consider a very important matter, while of special importance to Western Maryland, it is never-the-less of vital importance to the whole State. That is the enlargement and improvement of the State Normal School located at Frostburg. We have been bonding the State for good roads and other things of less importance, all of which have received the enthusiastic support of nearly every citizen, and we would not say one word against any of them. We believe in spending money to help the farmer to raise better stock more wheat, hay and corn, the horticulture more and better fruit. But have we not given that which is of paramount importance about the least consideration and support? The training of the minds of our young people stand out preeminently, in importance, above all the others. Without an educated people, all other improvements amount to but little. There is no calling so lowly but that education can help and elevate it.

It has been intimated that those in authority are willing to do something for State Normal School No. 2, if backed and supported by the citizens of Western Maryland. Why do so few appear to take any interest in this matter? It is the only institution in Western Maryland that takes a student above a High School education.

This school is very badly crippled for the want of a dormitory large enough to take care of the students, and is sorely in need of many other additions and improvements. It certainly is doing remarkable well under such adverse conditions.

Normal School No. 2 is most happily situated at Frostburg. Cumberland, 11 miles away, is connected by railroad, trolly line and State road. All of the towns along Georges Creek, clear to Westernport, are connected by railroad, trolly line and State road. Oakland, county seat of Garrett county, 47 miles away, with several towns and large farming communities between, is connected by State road and bus line.

The State is better supplied with almost everything then with school teachers; quite a number of closed school houses can be found in Western Maryland; all because no teacher can be had. And this situation exists, because Maryland has not the facilities for turning out trained teachers, and many now teaching should be attending Normal School No. 2.

To supply this State with teachers, the Normal Schools of this State should graduate over 500 students every year, a task which they are utterly incapable of performing.
Maryland now, compared with many other States, pays a fairly decent wage for teaching, and we believe it will soon do much better. We have plenty of native talent to fill all of our schools with efficient teachers. Then why do we fail to provide the facilities to train our boys and girls and not be dependent on the other States to supply our schools with teachers.

The teaching profession move about easily, a shortage of teachers in Western Maryland is felt on the Eastern Shore and vice versa. Therefore it is very important that facilities should be provided where the human material is found, and it would be to the interest of the whole State to make Normal School No. 2 at Frostburg one of the best Normal Schools to be found anywhere.

The Mayor and Councilmen of Frostburg, the Commercial Club, and many citizens have been very much interested in the streets, and other improvements, which is very commendable, but why over-look the most important matter of all? Why can not the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce drop business and material improvement, for just a little while, and get behind a move to improve the minds of the youth of Western Maryland? They can invest in nothing that will yield greater return, even from a material point of view.

Let the editorial columns of all of our newspapers do the State a real service by getting behind a bill requiring the State to issue bonds to improve all of our Normal Schools especially Normal School No. 2 as it is in much greater need that any of the others and none can do the State great service.

Sincerely yours

Chas G. Watson


Cumberland Times

Normal School No. 2 is now Frostburg State University.

Charles Watson, a lawyer, is listed in the 1920 census residing in Frostburg.


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Allegany College of Maryland

Cumberland (Md.) press coverage; Cumberland (Md.) Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland (Md.), 1920-1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
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Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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