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Annual report C. of Commerce, 1921

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Patterson New President of C. of Commerce

Elected at Annual Meeting last Night.
Report Shows Much Work Accomplished.

J. Milton Patterson was elected president of the Cumberland Chamber Of Commerce at the annual meeting of that organization held last night in the City Hall. He succeeds William L. Sperry. This was practically the only change in officers and directors, the list of which follows:
J. Milton Patterson, president; Irving T. Holland, first vice-president; Leslie L. Helmer, second vice-president ; Tasker G. Lowndes, third vice-president; George G. Young, treasurer.
Directors—Phil Arendes, Herman D. Billmeyer, James M. Conway, Thomas Footer, Thos. B. Finan, H. U. F. Flurshutz, Wm. Gulland, Geo. Henderson, Robert E. King, John S. McCauley, W. L. Sperry, J. Geo. Smith, T. C. Marshall, Henry Shriver, Henry Vogel. Arthur Weber.

Brief talks were delivered by Henry Shriver and Herman D. Billmeyer, in behalf of the traffic department, John Schwarzenbach, who spoke for the mercantile service advocating the development of the credit bureau, and Thomas C. Marshall, who dwelt on the housing proposition confronting the city.
The annual report was made, likewise the report for the traffic department. Following is the annual report:

Your present Secretary has been actively on the job since July 1st, 192l and has endeavored, in a quiet way, to serve the community in every way possible and has inaugurated many things for the protection and help of our members and citizens.
The past year has been one of accomplishment. The months just ended have teemed with honest effort to unselfishly serve the City of Cumberland.

The time was, when industrial development was the sole object of an organization like this. A greater vision has changed this thinking so that the modern Chamber of Commerce is in sympathetic touch, with every phase of Community life and "Community Service" has been our slogan during the past years and indicates that the scope and spirit of the work has been in line with modern thinking.

Investigations Of Stock Selling Schemes
Every effort has been made to warn our people against investing in stocks or securities without investigating thru the Chamber of Commerce, the merit of investment.
There is on file, in our office, the result of the investigations of a score or more different propositions, most of which, can be considered very highly speculative.
Our newspapers have cooperated with the Chamber of Commerce by giving full publicity to the warnings of the Secretary, and there is no doubt but what much money has been saved to cur members and the community thru the investigations conducted by the Chamber of Commerce. We shall continue in our efforts to educate the public to investigate before investing.

No Accident Week Campaign.
The Chamber of Commerce cooperated with the State Automobile Commissioners in the "No Accident Week" campaign which was productive of much good.

Investigations Of Price Of Food Stuff.
Investigation was conducted by the Secretary regarding the price of food prices in Cumberland as in comparison with other places, the result of which proved that living conditions, generally, in Cumberland were better than elsewhere.

Housing Shortage
The Chamber of Commerce has been active in its endeavor to get some relief from the housing shortage and has followed every lead that has promised anything at all, and while definite results are hard to obtain, yet it is felt that by constantly keeping it before the public, and especially our Contractors our need will finally be met. Building permits for buildings estimate to cost over $ 1,265,000 during which were issued, from the City Engineer's office, has helped some-what to relieve the shortage of houses.

Reduction Of Insurance Rate.
A new Insurance survey by the engineers of the Underwriters' Association, has been made, and it is hoped that this will result in a saving to our property owners by reducing their Insurance Rate.

New Survey Of Cumberland.
The Secretary cooperated with the Industrial Engineers of the B. & O. in making a new survey of Cumberland which brought their former survey up to date.

U. S. Army Reserve Corps.
The Chamber of Commerce gave financial assistance to the effort to secure for Cumberland, a part of the U. S. Amy Reserve Corps., and when the plans of the Government are carried out, Cumberland will benefit very much by the result of the effort made by the Chamber of Commerce.

Employment Bureau.
One of the features started by the present Secretary that has appealed everyone in touch with affairs is the Employment Bureau. This was started in a small way and rapidly developed to be a very important actively of the Chamber of Commerce.
Positions were secured for several hundred people and the needs of many of our members for help of different kinds, were met. This work was started in advance of the Unemployment Conference, in Washington, which Conference requested this cooperation by the different cities in arranging to take care of the unemployed as much as possible.
It is most gratifying indeed, to those in charge of this work, when they can secure employment for some deserving man or woman who has a family to support. Thru our efforts, many a man has been saved his self-respect, and we were able to tide him over at a time when the future looked very black to him. This is one of the voluntary duties assumed by the Secretary and one of which he is very proud.

Information has been asked and given in nearly every subject "under the sun" and while this service may not result in any material good, yet it is felt that there should be some place in each community where strangers and others secure information or advice, which to them, at least, is of much importance. Much time is taken up in interviewing and correspondence along this line and we always endeavor to create favorable impression for Cumberland.
The Secretary has secured, thru courtesy of R. L. Polk & C, quite a number of Directories of towns and cities near Cumberland and which are the disposal of our members

Endeavor To Reopen Office, Deputy collector Of Internal Revenue,
An endeavor was made to secure reopening of the office of the Deputy Collector of Internal Revenue, but in view of the economy plan of the administration it was found that this office could not be opened at present.

Protest Against "Boycott" Against Use Nat’l Highway By Auto Club In Other Cities.
The Secretary vigorously protested against the so called “Boycott against the use of out National Highway by Auto Clubs in other Cities and the Secretar7 was successful in having published in several Auto Journals a letter of protest in which he proceed the activities of our State Police were not in any way objectionable to any law abiding motorist and that foreign motorists are extended every courtesy that his home state would give him.

Secretary Appointed Special Agent, U. S. Employment Service.
The Secretary was appointed a special agent of the U. S. Employment Service of the Department of Labor of the 5th District and is cooperating with the Government in their endeavor each month to compile information regarding the Industrial and Labor situation in this city and vicinity for this department.

Delegation To Bedford, Pa.
The Secretary headed a delegation to Bedford, Pa., in response to a request from the citizens of that town that we assist them in their effort to form a Chamber of Commerce.
Information and assistance has also been given to several other Chamber of-Commerce, which has been much appreciated and helpful.

Armistice Day.
The Chamber of Commerce cooperated with the Committee on Armistice Day celebration which was quite a successful affair.

U. S. Veterans' Bureau
The Chamber of Commerce assisted the locating in Cumberland, a branch of the U. S. Veterans' Bureau which has territorial jurisdiction over many counties in Maryland and West Virginia, and thru the activities of this Bureau, veterans of the World War who are disabled or ill are given treatment and assistance and considerable money is being spent in Cumberland by those who visit this bureau, and by these who are conducting its activities.

Night Classes In Instrumental Drawing
Thru the effort of the Chamber of Commence it seems assured that Night Classes in Instrumental Drawing will be established very soon. This will enable ambitious young men to qualify themselves for better positions and advancement.

National Educational Week. The Chamber of Commerce cooperated with the Rotary Club and American Legion in the observance of National Educational Week, Dec. 4th to 10th and in this the hearty cooperation of the entire community was enlisted. The National officers of the American Legion complimented our Chamber of Commerce very highly for their efforts.

Endeavor To Secure Additional Post Office Boxes, And Addition To P. O.
Every effort has been made to secure additional Post Office boxes and service for our people, and while it is a policy of Government, at the present time, not to build any public buildings, yet we are "on the job" and hope to be among the first to get an appropriation for Post Office improvement when the Government begins building again.

Matter Of Legislation.
The Chamber of Commerce has been interested in several matters of Legislation during the present session of our Legislature, and it is hoped to secure an Armory for Cumberland, which is so much needed, aid for our Agricultural Fair, additional Dormitories for the State Normal School at Frostburg, Md., and a Blue Sky Law for Maryland These are all matters of vital importance and have the people, as one unit, behind them.

New By-Laws.
Since your present Secretary has been in office, a new set of By-Laws has been adopted, giving the Chamber of Commerce an up-to-date organization.

Membership Campaign.
During two days in October, a Membership Campaign was put on with Mr. J. S. McCauley as Chairman, and during these two days, over eight hundred (800) memberships were secured for 1922-23. The fact that nearly 90% of the prospects called on, were secured as members, is ample evidence that our community is anxious and willing to have an organization that can be of service to its members and the community in general.
Mr. S. H. Buley has been appointed Chairman of our new Membership Committee and is doing good work in securing new members for our organization.

Considered several propositions but as most of them require help in financing or requested free sites, none have been secured for Cumberland. Several propositions are now being handled and bid fair to materialize in substantial industries, employing a few of our people.

Mercantile Service And Solicitation Committee (Charity, Program, Adv.)
The Secretary has been authorized by the Committee on Mercantile Service and Committee on Advertising and Charity solicitation, to request all members to refer all requests for program advertising and charity solicitation to the Chamber of Commerce for investigation and approval, and when card of approval is issued, our members can then use their judgement whether or not, they want to patronize or contribute. This plan will be put into effect as soon as the necessary forms can be secured.

Truth In Advertising.
Chairman Powell of the Publicity Committee is securing information and date as to the work of the Vigilance Committee of the Truth in Advertising Association of American, and will soon be able to make a report and recommendation as to whether or not, we shall cooperate in this movement to secure clean, legitimate and truthful advertising with the idea before us to create confidence in our merchants, not only by our local people, but by the 150,000 possible customers that live within a 50 mile radius of Cumberland, believing that any other method of advertising will bring discredit upon all our merchants, and to the great detriment of the city.

A Plan For A Credit Bureau.
A plan for a Credit Bureau, that will be of permanent assistance to its members is being considered and much data has been secured and an effort to organize such a Bureau may be made in the near future.

Aviation Landing Field.
The Aviation Committee, A. H. Amick, Jr., Chairman has been offered a suitable site by J. E. and Rufus Lamp, across the Potomac River opposite Mapleside on a 4 years' lease at a very nominal rental, and these gentlemen are to be congratulated on their public spirit in thus assisting in making possible the securing of a site that meets the approval of the Government officials. This will put Cumberland on the Aviation map, and will, no doubt, result in such good to our Community in the future.

Market For Cumberland.
The City Improvement Committee, D. P. Miller, Chairman, have had several conferences with City officials, producers and others interested, and your Secretary, thru the cooperation of the Newspapers, published questionnaires, and these were returned by 62 persons, 53 being in favor of a Market and 9 opposed.
The lack of interest in a market was disappointing, and this matter will be dropped for the present.
Your Secretary proposes to continue his work along the same lines, and will endeavor to do everything he can for the up-building of a true Community spirit, and hopes to have the continued support of the membership.

The Officer of executive Committee and the Board of Directors can be given credit for the successful conducting of affairs of the Chamber, and the Secretary has always found them willing to sacrifice their time and means to the furtherance of the interest of our Community.

Your Secretary wishes to call attention to the splendid work being done by Mr. Moore, our Traffic Manager.
He has built up his department from its beginning, and has made it a most valuable adjunct to the Chamber of Commerce, and as a result of his work, an immense saving will result to our members. He has always been willing and active in anything for the good of our organization whether it came directly under his Department or not.

New Features.
Pocket membership cards in original design, Metal Signs for office or store. Bulletins are issued from time to time and have been well received. We hope to get them out regularly in the future so as to keep our large membership informed and interested.
Many requests for copies of our Bulletins have been received, and many Chambers of Commerce have requested to be put on our mailing list to receive them regularly.


Cumberland Times


Collection Location:
Allegany College of Maryland

Cumberland (Md.) press coverage; Cumberland (Md.) Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland (Md.), 1920-1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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