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Daylight Savings or Extravagance?

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Against the So-Called Daylight Saving

Cumberland, Md., May 5, 1922

Evening Times—Please publish in the Forum Column and oblige:

To the Chamber of Commerce:

One would judge from the tone of your remarks you are in favor of the daylight saving and would like to see it adopted in Cumberland. For Heavens' sake, don't be too hasty about this matter. Give every adult, men and women, in Cumberland and the rural districts, whom it would affect, a chance at this very important question. Have you notified all corporations and given them ample time to consider which would he the best for them, and given the parents a chance to advise their children, who are working in the factories and stores, how to ballot? Do you realize the extra work it would be to the wife and mother, should the clocks be turned forward one hour ? They would be serving breakfast to the family all the fore-noon. During the hot summer months you can't get any rest until after midnight, owing to the heat. When four or four-thirty comes, in the morning, real time, and the best time to rest, the laboring boy or girl, man or woman, would have to hit the floor, sleep or no sleep. It would mean several thousand dollars to the people for the extra, light and fuel.

Remember there are people in Cumberland who know right from wrong, and who do not possess a fliver to, spend their leisure in.

Men and women, now is the time for you to do your bit and oppose this so-called daylight savings. It should be called daylight extravagance. Should the Chamber of Commerce ask the city, mayor and council to adopt it, and they do, I hope the women voters will never cast another vote for them.       

P. B. W.


Cumberland Times


Collection Location:
Allegany College of Maryland

Cumberland (Md.) press coverage; Cumberland (Md.) Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland (Md.), 1920-1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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