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Frostburg, Oakland join Cumberland over gas prices.

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Join Cumberland In Protesting Recent Advance in Price Made By W. Va. And Md. Gas Co.—

Price Now Twice As High As In West Virginia.

Official Of Gas Company Says W. Va. P. S. C. Will Not Permit Higher Rates Hence Necessity For Increase In Md.

FROSTBURG, Nov. 15.—The recent advance made in the charge for gas by the West Virginia and Maryland Gas Company will not remain in force without a determined tight against it being made by the joint communities of Frostburg, Cumberland and Oakland.

Representatives of the Frostburg Commercial Club and the City Council held a meeting yesterday afternoon in Cumberland with Vice-President Richards and Manager Cunningham of the gas company at which time the question of the recent advance in gas rates was thoroughly discussed.

Mayor Olin Rice and City Attorney Gunter and Councilmen Duty and Hughes represented the city and George Stern and Secretary Carrington the Commercial Club.
Statistics were read showing that Frostburg, Cumberland and neighboring towns served by the W. Va. and Maryland Gas Company pay approximately fifty per cent higher for gas than do towns of similar size in West Virginia, many of which towns are furnished gas by the same company that supplies the Maryland towns. It was also proven that since 1916 rates in Maryland towns had advanced at least fifty per cent greater than advances made in West Virginia towns.
Mr. Richards, for the gas company, explained this fact by stating that the Public Service Commission of West Virginia would not .permit his company to make any higher rates in West Virginia.
Mr. Richards stated that the present advance was made because it has become necessary for the company to sink about half a dozen more wells in order to secure sufficient additional gas to supply its customers.
Representatives of Frostburg and Cumberland contended that it was unfair to saddle the burden of paying all of this money needed in shape of advanced rates on the Maryland towns alone without having West Virginia bear any of the burden of furnishing this capital; they argued that this was unfair discrimination against Maryland.
The proposition was then made to the gas company that if they would get the Public Service Commission of West Virginia to grant the gas company an advance in rates that the Maryland towns would be willing to accept a similar advance here without any protest This proposition Vice-President Richards refused.
It was decided by those present to take up the matter with the Maryland Public Service Commission with a view of determining whether the Commission approves of permitting cities of Maryland to be made to pay all the expenses of additional wells for the gas company when the West Virginia towns are exempt from sharing any of this expense.
Formal protest against the advance has already been filed by the City Council of Frostburg with the Public Service Commission, it is now expected that both Cumberland and Oakland will join with Frostburg in a joint protest and hearing before the Commission.


Cumberland News


Collection Location:
Allegany College of Maryland

Cumberland (Md.) press coverage; Cumberland (Md.) Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland (Md.), 1920-1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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