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Kelly Plant supplies city electricity - Edison crippled.

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Power Station At Tire Plant Pressed Into Service When Generators At Edison Break Down—
Turbine Engine Is Put Out of Commission Today—Accident May Cause Curtailment of Service.

The cooperation of the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company in furnishing the Edison Electric Illuminating Company with 2600 kilowats of electricity daily from its generating plant has spared Cumberland considerable inconvenience since the breakdown of the electric company's generator last week. Since Saturday the tire company plant has been supplying the current which was cut-off with the blowing out of a generator at the electric company's plant earlier in the week and which forced the suspension of the West Side street cars and other curtailments in the use of power.

Edison Power Cut.
The breakdown of the Edison generator necessitating repairs which will require several week; before completion, caused the electric company to cut the supply furnished for various facilities in order to handle the demand of more urgent demands on its current. When it was evident that the generator could not be repaired as soon as at first expected, the Kelly-Springfield Tire Company was appealed to and placed at the disposal of the Edison one of the generators at its power plant. This generator began furnishing the Edison with 2600 kilowats of electricity on Saturday and enabled the electric company to again operate the West Side cars.

Capacity Adequate
An additional boiler and generator at the Kelly plant have been pressed into service to supply the demand and the additional call on the production of the power station in no way interferes with operations at the Tire Company. The Kelly plant is capable of supplying 10,000 kilowats of electricity, while the demand of the tire plant proper is about 5,000 kilowats a day.

The ability of the Kelly plant to supply the city with power and the readiness of the officials to co-operate in the emergency forestalled what would have caused considerable inconvenience to residents of Cumberland since it would have been impossible otherwise to operate the West Side cars until the repairs had been completed to the Edison generator.
These repairs will require several weeks.

Another accident at the Edison electric plant today put a turbine engine out of commission. This makes the second turbine that has gone out of commission in the past ten days.

With the cooperation of the Kelly plant the trouble due to the first accident was overcome in the past few days. The second accident may make some curtailment of power and service unavoidable for a few days, according to a statement made by the management of the Edison Company.




Collection Location:
Allegany College of Maryland

Cumberland (Md.) press coverage; Cumberland (Md.) Chamber of Commerce

Cumberland (Md.), 1920-1930

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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