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Cumberland D - H

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Cumberland MD
T. F. M'Cardell. Editor & Proprietor.
DAILY,        900
WEEKLY,       1200
The only Democratic Daily in the State, outside of Baltimore City.

Deurling John, grocer, Williams cor Emsley
Devecmon & Fay, (Wm. Devecmon and John B. Fay,) lawyers, 9 Washington
Dibold George, grocer, 185 N Centre
Dilley Barney, grocer, Baltimore cor Mechanic
Dixon John T. canal supplies, Basin Wharf
Dodson Charles, grocer, Centre near Bedford
Doerner George, dry goods and groceries, 10 Baltimore
Doerner & Bender, (W. Doerner and Richard Bender,) boat builders, Island at Basin Wharf
DONNELLY JAMES W. carpenter, 10 Union
Donovan Daniel, grocer, 38 Baltimore
Dorris Thomas, grocer. Basin Whf
Dougherty Bernard A. physician, 22 S Mechanic
DOUGHERTY GEORGE W. mfr. duck and cotton yarns, head of N Centre
Earlougher Jacob H dry goods, 90 Baltimore
Easter Emanuel, potter, 130 N Mechanic
Edwards Samuel J. boots, 84 Baltimore
Eichner J. C. saloon, 18 Bedford
Eisenberg Gustav, varieties, 123 Baltimore
Ely H. F. sewing machines, 103 Baltimore
Everline Charles, grocer, 204 N Centre
Farber Joseph, saloon, Maryland ave nr Williams
Farrell M. Mrs. confectioner, 99 Baltimore
Fay John B. lawyer, 9 Washington
Fechtig James A. physician, 13 S Centre
Fey Henry, tailor, 267 N Centre
Fire Insurance Co. of Allegany Co.; Wm. R. Beall, pres. Hopewell Hebb sec.; Baltimore cor Liberty
Firle Henry, wheelwright, 220 N Mechanic
First National Bank of Cumberland, Joseph Shriver, pres. E. T. Shriver, cashier; Baltimore cor George
Flanagan M. A. merchandise general, 6 S Mechanic
Fleckenstein Jacob, grocer, 13 N Mechanic
Foley Cornelius S. shoemaker, 55 S Mechanic
Footer Thomas, dyer, Liberty cor Bedford
Frantz D. P. Mrs. grocer, 57 Centre
FREE M. A. & CO. (Milton A. Free and Henry H. Hartsock,) plumbers 66 N Centre
Freight Depots, Balto & Ohio, P. W. & B. R. R. opp. Queen City Hotel, E. Marean, agent, and station master
Fundenberg George B. physician, 20 S Centre
Fundenberg Walter F. physician, 20 S
GANNON & DUVAL, (Francis Gannon and Edmund P. Duval,) lumber, George cor Harrison
Georges Creek Coal Co. A. C. Greene, gen agt. Potomac Wharf
Georges Creek Coal & Iron Co., A. H. Stump, pres. George A. Hoffman, secretary, J. P. Agnew, general shipping agent, 11S Liberty
Gephart & Roberts, (George F. Gephart and Milnor W. Robert. founders and machinists, 45 N Front
GERDEMAN H. & BRO. (Henry and Anthony Gerdeman,) grocers and bottlers, 277 N Mechanic
Gessner George, tinsmith, 10 N Mechanic
Gillette Bros. (George M. and Albert M. Gillette,) grocers, 69 Balto
Glick John, blacksmith, 214 N Mechanic and grocer, N Mechanic
Glos Caspar, general store, 35 N Front
Gnau G. & Co. (George Gnau,) tinware and stoves, 37 Baltimore
Goldsmith Jacob, clothier, 44 Baltimore
Goldsmith Solomon, clothing, 41 N Mechanic
Gonder Andrew, magistrate and collector, Reynolds Block, Baltimore
Gonder Thomas E. lawyer, 2 Baltimore
GOODWIN R. A. prop. Goodwin House, opp. Consolidation Wharf
Gordon & Son, (Josiah and Robert H. Gordon,) lawyers, Baltimore cor Liberty
Gossman Edward, barber, 62 S Mechanic
Gottlieb Max, saloon, 14 Bedford
Gralley Charles, barber, 41 N Centre
Gramlich F. M. & Sons, (Francis M. and Francis M. jr. and Sebastian A. Gramlich,) merchandise general, 129 N Centre
Gross Moses, clothing, 37 N Mechanic
Gross & Craggs, (R. L. Gross and J. B. Craggs,) dining rooms, 105 Baltimore
Hadley M. T. Mrs. dressmaker,30 Bedford
Hadra M. Mrs. segar manuf. 172 N Mechanic
Hahn & Mowery, (Mrs. J. W. Hahn and Miss Helen Mowery,) dressmakers, 13 Charles
Haley & Swartzwelder, (Josiah Haley and Harry Swartzwelder,) brick manufs. Maryland av nr B. & O. R. R. Mill


Page #:

Wm. H. Boyd


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
22 x 13 cms

Maryland, Directories.

Allegany and Washington Counties, Md., 1875

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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