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Ingman Ambrose, segar manuf. 24 S Centre
Ingman Wm. A. furniture manuf. 24 S Centre
Isaacs Addison L. watchmaker, Front cor Frederick
Isaacs William W. grocer, Front cor Frederick
James John T. restaurant, 21 Baltimore
Jeffersons Opera House, Centre cor Harrison
Jones J. William, justice of the peace, 7 S Liberty
JONES R. CHEW, lawyer, 3 and 5 S Liberty
Jones & South, distillers, 93 Baltimore
JOHNSON E. B. restaurant, 120 Baltimore
JOHNSON HENRY J. editor and prop. Daily News, 51 Baltimore
Johnson J. J. & Co. (Jacob J. and E, Bailey Johnson) distillers and dealers, 144 Baltimore
Johnson John F. hardware, 49 Baltimore
Johnson J. S. real estate, Baltimore cor Liberty
Johnson Margaret, boarding, 22 Frederick
Johnson Richard D. flour mills, B. & O. R. R. and Williams road
Johnson & Kephart, (Zachariah Johnson and George R. Kephart) grocers, Centre cor Bedford
Johnson & Lewis, (J. S. Johnson and A. R. Lewis,) insurance, Baltimore cor Liberty
Kane M. T. segars and liquors, 5 N Mechanic
Kearney Michael M. groceries and provisions, wholesale and retail, 88 Baltimore
Keehn F. W. carpenter, 18 N Liberty
Kegg Benjamin, prop. Central Hotel, Baltimore cor George
Kehlenbeck John H. jeweler, 101 Baltimore
Keller Josiah J. grocer 76 N Mechanic
Kelso John, saloon, 19 N Mechanic
Kennedy Patrick, saloon, 53 N Mechanic
Kerney John A. & Co. (John A. Kerney and Francis Haley,) dry goods, 65 Baltimore
Keyser Charles, cabinet maker, 26 Bedford
Kilcoine John, grocer, Williams near Centre
King Alexander, boots, shoes, hats and caps, 125 Baltimore
Knappe Amandus, shoemaker, Emily nr Maryland av
KNIEREM WM. & SON, (William and Charles G. Knierem) grocers,159 N Mechanic
Knoepp Christian, grocer, Knox near Front
Koegel John, grocer, 12 Bedford
Kohl Henry, shoemaker, 157 N Centre
Kolb John, boots and shoes, 31 Mechanic
Kornhoff William, grocer, 68 N Centre
Korns J.& H. (Jesse and Henry Korns) brick manufs. B. & O. R. R. below rolling mills
Kratz Alexander, clothier, 80 Baltimore
Lafferty Isaac, prop. Black Horse Hotel, 17 N Front
Laing Frederick, grocer, 27 and 29 N Mechanic
LAING JOSEPH, saloon, 50 N Mechanic
Lakel Lewis, grocer, Maryland av nr Emily
Langer Charles, tinsmith, 179 N Centre
Lashanskey David, saloon, 70 N Mechanic
Lashauskey Herman, clothing, 3 N Mechanic
Law Buildings, nr Court House
Law John, grocer, 232 N Centre
LeFevre & Son, (Henry and William LeFevre) druggists, 66 Baltimore
Levy Moses, saloon, 34 N Mechanic
Little Samuel T. jeweler, 108 Baltimore
LONG GEORGE, baker and confectioner, 15 N Mechanic

Manufacturer of all Kinds of
Crackers, Confectioneries
And Dealer in all Kinds of
No 15 N. Mechanic Street,

Long L. J. groceries and provisions, Front cor Hanover
Long William C. shoemaker, 39 N Centre
Lottig Conrad, saloon, 16 Bedford
Lowdermilk Will H. postmaster and editor and proprietor Civilian and Telegraph, 45 Baltimore
LOWENSTEIN HERMAN, butcher, 44 S Mechanic Lowndes Lloyd, lawyer, 6 Washington
Lowndes & Cramer, (Lloyd Lowndes and Augustus F. Cramer) merchandise genl. 40 N Mechanic
Loy Elizabeth, boarding, 3 Bedford
Luman Samuel, proprietor St. Nicholas Hotel, Baltimore cor George
McBride S. F. & Co. (Samuel F. McBride and Frederick Minke) groceries and queensware, Baltimore cor George
McCardell Thomas F. editor and proprietor Cumberland Daily Times and Weekly Mountain City Times, Reynolds Block
McCleary E. L. dry goods, 57 Baltimore
McCleave Dwight, lawyer, 2 Baltimore
McCormick John A. blacksmith, Basin Wharf
McCormick William H. physician, 15 S George
McCusker Philip, boarding, 46 S Mechanic


Page #:

Wm. H. Boyd


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
22 x 13 cms

Maryland, Directories.

Allegany and Washington Counties, Md., 1875

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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