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Crowd at Potomac River near Cumberland, Ridgeley Bridge during county celebration

Allegany County, Maryland, Centennial Celebration, 1889 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Day 2...
The inclement weather necessitated the postponement of the fireworks display until this evening; also the boat parade.

Day 3...
The boat parade on the Potomac, under the management of A H Dowden, took place about 8 o'clock. The steamer Endeavor started up the stream from near the dam with the Electric Cornet Band on board playing familiar airs that were exceedingly pleasant to the ear as the strains were wafted over the waters. When reaching Lynn's wharf the boats were swung into line and then formed four and five abreast with lanterns swaying to and fro, the reflected light in the waters beneath continuing an uninterrupted circle of brilliancy and oscillating illumination that was attractive to the eye and pleasing in its novelty. Down stream the boats glided, the movement in keeping with the time of the music, and as the night was dark as Erebus, the contrast made a picture that seemed ideal rather than realistic, and placed the parade in the memory of the visiting populace as one of the features of the Centennial celebration.

...(from newspaper cuttings in Mr. Luman's journal)


Crowd at Potomac River near Cumberland, Ridgeley Bridge during county celebration - c. 1889

From the Herman and Stacia Miller Collection and used with permission of the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland, Maryland.

The Miller collection title on this photo indicates it was taken during the centennial celebration. It is unclear what this event is. On the second day of the celebration it rained. Since the group all have umbrellas it would seem that this photograph was taken then. But the events that were planned for the Potomac on day 2 were postponed to day 3, a day when it did not rain.

The Allegany County Museum has exhibited this photograph under the caption "The Grand Aquatic Carnival of Captain Paul Boyton, Oct. 9 1891, according to the Cumberland Weekly Civilian. The carnival offered simulated naval battles."

Felix Robinson included this photograph in his Tableland Trails article about religious communities in Cumberland. He described it as:
A group of citizens had assembled for the purpose of seeing a miracle performed. They are seen on the bank of the Potomac River at Riverside Park. The building with the large smokestack is the Cumberland Water and Light Plant. It was a rainy day, judging from the umbrellas. The attraction — A strange man had advertised in the press that he would walk across the water from shore to shore at that place. The stranger was never seen. Perhaps some prank had been played by one of their own number. This occurred in 1895.


Collection Location:
City of Cumberland

Original Size:
8 x 12 cms

Allegany County (Md.)--History.

Allegany County (Md.), 1889

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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