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SOMMERLATT CHARLES, grocer, 42 S Mechanic
Sonnebom Joseph, dry goods, 48 Baltimore
Sonneborn S. Mrs. milliner, 22 Baltimore
Sonneborn Samuel, clothier, 52 Baltimore
Sowers Jacob, grocer, 28 Bedford and 61 N Mechanic
SPEELMAN SOMMERFIELD, grocer, head of Bedford
Sprigg Carroll, lawyer, 2 Baltimore
St. Edwards Academy at Convent, N. Centre
St. Nicholas Hotel, Baltimore cor George
Stanton George, boarding, 78 N Mechanic
Stanton John S. grocer, Maryland av cor Williams
Strauss Isaac, clothier, 91 Baltimore
Stubblefield J. C. & Co. (James C. and E. S. Stubblefield) shoes and hats, 55 Baltimore
Stuklauser Gustav. brewer, 174 and 176 N Mechanic
Sullivan James, grocer, 23 S Mechanic.
Swartzwelder Hale Agt. stationer, 115 Baltimore
Syster Henry, saloon, 118 Baltimore
Tauber Conrad, carpet weaver, 152 N Mechanic
TAUBER MARTIN L. hosiery manuf. 108 N Mechanic
Tearney Michael, groceries, Baltimore cor Canal
Thress S. Mrs. milliner. 43 Baltimore
Topper Andrew J. restaurant, 145 Baltimore
Trieber William H. painter, 24 Baltimore
Trundle Joseph H. segars, 22 N Centre
Wallace David R. grocer, 17 N Centre
Wallace & Hann. (Charles Wallace and James H. Hann) segars and paper hangings, 82 Baltimore
Walsh William, lawyer, 36 Baltimore
Walton James B. planing mill and builder, 99 N Mechanic
Walton & Bell, (James B. Walton, Henry Bell and J. M. Walton) lumber, 74 and 75 S Mechanic
Warner Lewis, carpenter, 12 S Liberty
Waters William T. shoemaker, 6 Bedford
Ways Samuel D. carpenter, r 13 N Centre
WAYS SAMUEL D. Jr. painter, 24 ½ Frederick
Ways & Haley (Joseph H. Ways and Josiah Haley) brick manufs. N. B.& O. R. R. S Cumberland
Weaver John, grocer, 136 N Centre
WEBER HENRY, seedsman, gardener and florist, 24 N Mechanic
Weber Henry, shoemaker, 2 Green
Weber W. E. editor and proprietor Cumberland Alleganian, 69 Baltimore
Wegman Henry, grocer, Centre nr Payne Spring al
Wegman John D. grocer, 235 N Mechanic
Wegman Joseph J. merchandise genl. 211 N Mechanic
Weir John, restaurant, 117 Baltimore

Market Gardener,
And Wholesale Dealer in
24 N. Mechanic and Baltimore,
P. O. Box 528.

Weisbrod John, segar manuf. 23 N Centre
Weld & Sheridan (Henry T. Weld and Thomas Sheridan) boat builders and lumber
Welfley D. P. physician, 15 S George
Weller Joseph M. dentist, Baltimore cor George
WELTY J. E. & BRO. (Jacob E. and Thomas Welty) groceries and produce. 32 Baltimore
Western Union Telegraph, George M. Deetz, manager, Queen City Hotel
White Charles, dry goods, 42 Baltimore
White Isaac, dry goods, 27 Baltimore
Wickard William, auctioneer, 51 Baltimore
WIESEL JOSEPH P. pianos, organs and music, 23 Baltimore
WILEY W. WYATT, physician, 27 N Centre
Wilhelm F. C. photographer, 40 Baltimore
Wilkins William H. jeweler, 62 Baltimore
Williams David, boarding, 16 Frederick
Williams Ferdinand, lawyer, 2 Baltimore
WILLIAMS JOHN, barber, 21 N Mechanic
Willison Hanson, livery, N George near Baltimore
Willison Owen, livery, B. & O. R. R. nr Union
Wilson J. Jones, physician, Baltimore cor Centre
WILSON LAWSON B. dentist, Baltimore cor Centre
Wilson Richard, grocer, 9 Baltimore
Windhurst Louis, physician, 74 N Centre
W1NGERT JAMES H. grocer, 189 N Mechanic
Withers Wm, A. tanner and currier, 152 N Centre
Witt Josiah, lumber, 162 N Mechanic
Wittig Frederick, baker, 55 N Centre
Wolf A. & Son, (Albert and Andrew Wolf,) 10 N Centre
Wolf C. A. confectioner, Basin Wharf
WOLF JOHN, tailor, 60 and 62 N Mechanic
Young Charles & Son, (Charles and Louis Young,) furniture manufs, 28 N Centre
Young William, boat builder, Bell nr Paca


Page #:

Wm. H. Boyd


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
22 x 13 cms

Maryland, Directories.

Allegany and Washington Counties, Md., 1875

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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