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Hagerstown A-E

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Adams Express, G. T. Brewer, agt. W Washington
Albert Jacob, butcher, n Potomac
ALLISON M. W. physician, 14 Washington
Alvey R. H. chief judge 4th judicial circuit
Antietam Fire Co. Wm. McKeppler, pres. S Jonathan
Antietam Foundry, Garver & Flanagan, 3 Baltimore
Artz C. groceries and queensware, 28 N Potomac
AUGHINBAUGH D. C. druggist and tel. operator, 38 W Washington
Bachtell John B. bailiff
BAECHTEL & CO. founders and machinists
Bairds Miss, institute, 24 S Potomac
Baker J. A. blacksmith
Baker J. & Son, grocer, W Washington
Barber George, painter
Beachley J. H. mdse. gen'l, Public Square
Berler James, lawyer, W Washington
Bell Henry, agt. sewing machines
Bellman & Garver, hot air furnaces, 4 Washington
Bellman Oscar, hardware, 4 Washington
Bender Joseph, tailor, 9 N Potomac
Bennett A. D. tailor, 15 Public Square
Bentz M. L. varieties, 13 S Potomac
Berry M. A. dentist, 74 W Washington
Bester Henry, tinner
Bester William, florist
Biays H. prop. Antietam House, W Washington
Bichel C. F. cabinet maker
Biershing George, confectioner, 34 S Potomac
Billmier George, saddle and harness maker, N Potomac
Bittner D. G. livery, N Jonathan
Blake John H. grocer, 40 S Potomac
Blew B. F. & Co. druggists, N Potomac
Bloom George, cabinet maker
Bloom S. Martin, grocer, 39 N Potomac
Bombach John, tailor
Borgealt John, cooper
BORYER C. G. tailor, Washington House
Boullt Thomas A. watches and jewelry, 16 W Washington
Boward Andrew, lime dealer
Bowers Martin L. restaurant, 14 N Potomac
Bowers Samuel, cooper
Bowman Samuel, confectioner, 41 and 43 W Washington
Boyd A. G. & M. W. eds. and. prop's Maryland Free Press
Boyer D. S. coal dealer, Walnut cor W Franklin
Bradley S. H. lawyer, 83 W Washington
Brewer George, express agt
Brey J. W. shoemaker, 44 S Potomac
Brey W. G. boot and shoe maker, 3 Potomac
Brown Benjamin, cattle dealer
Brugh P. A. dry goods, 40 W Washington
Burkhart George F. chief clerk Washington county circuit court
Byers L. druggist
Byers M. L. druggist, Public Square
Campbell D. C. shoemaker, Jonathan
Chrissinger George H. L. carriagemaker, 16 S Potomac
Chrissinger S. & M. L. carriage makers, S Potomac
Clark Z. B. boot and shoemaker, S Potomac
Claggett Z. S. lawyer, W Washington
Colklesser Solomon, justice of the peace and boot and shoemaker, N Jonathan
Cook A. A. auctioneer, 17 S Potomac
Cook John H. blacksmith
Creamer David, billiard saloon
Croft & Bro. druggists, 62 W Washington
Cromberger Christian, butcher
Crowther D. W. dentist, 12 S Potomac
Cumberland Valley R. R., W. H. Shepler, freight agent, Franklin cor Walnut
Curran John, bowling saloon, 26 and 28 N Jonathan
Dannhoffer Caroline, saloon, E Washington
DARBY FRANCIS M. lawyer, 85 W Washington
Davis John G. barber, 206 W Washington
Dechert & Co. props. Hagerstown Mail, W Washington cor Public Square
Doran Charles R. homeopathic physician, S Potomac cor Baltimore
Dorsey Frederick, physician, W Washington
Douglass Henry Kyd, lawyer, W Washington
Downing S. S. county surveyor and civil engineer
Duffy Wm. S painter, W Potomac
Dunn J. L. lime dealer, nr Jonathan
Ebbrecht Wm. prop. Franklin Inn, W Franklin


Page #:

Wm. H. Boyd


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
22 x 13 cms

Maryland, Directories.

Allegany and Washington Counties, Md., 1875

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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