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Civil War in Maryland
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Hagerstown H - P

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Huber Jacob, restaurant, W Washington
Huffer Abram, patent agent
Humrickhouse Frederick, silver plater
Hurley H. W. harness maker, W Franklin
Hurley James I. grocer, 11 W Washington
Hurley W. F. undertaker, 46 S Potomac
Hurley & Fechtig, stationers, 42 W Washington
Hursh Henry, liquors, N Potomac
Huyett C. boots, 93 W Franklin
Huyett Kendall & Co. fertilizers, Mulberry cor North
Huyett J. B. sewing machines, W Franklin
Hyser John H. wine manuf
Kealhofer William, lawyer. 93 W Washington
Keedy H. H. lawyer, Mealey row
Keefer C. R. sewing machines, 7 W Washington
Keerl C E, physician, W Washington
Keerl H. B. grocer, Washington cor Walnut
KELLER B. F. clk register of wills
Keller George D. jeweler, 17 W Washington
King & McLaughlin, livery, r Washington House
Knode Clinton, grocer, 18 N Potomac
Knode William H. associate judge, Orphans Court
Knodle John & Son, boots, 3 Public Square
Kridler J. C. tailor, 5 S Potomac
Kridler J. Hanson, dry goods, 31 N Potomac
Kridler Mrs. & Co. milliners, 117 W Franklin
Lang Solomon, blacksmith, W Antietam
Lantz J. Nelson, grocer, 68 W Franklin
Leister Levi, grocer, Baltimore cor Potomac
Lenman J. F. grocer, W Washington.
Lias George, painter, 7 S Potomac
Little Charles F. furniture manuf. 11 Public Square
Little D. F. furniture, 52 W Franklin
LIVINGSTONE B. F. notions and fancy goods, 39 W Washington
Logan William, post master, W Franklin
Lortz John, provisions, N Potomac opp Market House
Lout George, cigar manuf. 38 E Washington
Lout G. M. segar manuf. N Jonathan
McCartney J. S. segars, 165 W Washington
McCOMAS FREDERICK F. lawyer, Mealey row
McComas H. A. insurance, 2 W Washington
McComas John E. harness maker, 19 N Potomac
McComas L. F. dry goods, 36 W Washington
McComas L. L. lawyer, 2 Jonathan
McCRON JOHN Rev young ladies' seminary
McDonald & Co. leather, Public Square
McDonald Michael, machinist, Franklin
McGrew Alexander, carpenter, E Franklin
McKee Bros, hardware, 22 and 24 N Potomac
McKEE C. E. S. mayor, W Washington
McKee C. F. S. physician, N Potomac
Marr William, iron railing manuf. 74 W Franklin
Martin Charles, segars, S Potomac
Martin J. & Co. stoves, S Potomac
Martin & Stoever, stoves and tinware, Public Square
Martin William, segar manuf. S Potomac
Masel John, shoemaker, W Franklin
Mason A. S. physician, S Jonathan
Masters Eli, butcher
Maybury & Mobley, coach makers, 25 E Washington
Mayhew Clement W. scourer, 32 N Jonathan
Mealey Edward W. lawyer, 85 W Washington
Mechanics Loan and Savings Institute, William Updegraff, pres., B. F. Kendall, treas. 18 W Washington
Mentzer L. L. N Potomac
Meredith F. A. shoemaker, W Washington
Merrick A. D. lawyer, S Jonathan
Metzer C. H. shoemaker, 89 W Franklin
Middlekauff G. G. livery, r Hagerstown Bank
Middlekauff John D., & Sons, sash, doors and blinds, 51 S Jonathan
Miller Abraham, agricultural implements, 63 E Washington
Miller George, S grocer, S Jonathan
Mobley E. M. assessor U. S. internal rev. 4 Public Square
Monath J. W. barber, 13 S Potomac
Motter William D. B. lawyer, W Washington
Mundy John, blacksmith, Jonathan
Mutual Insurance Co. of Washington Co. M. S. Barber, pres. Henry K. Tice, treas. W. D. B. Motter, sec'y, W Washington
Negley & Co. props. Herald and Torchlight, E Washington cor N Potomac
Negley, Mittag & Sneary, props. Herald and Torchlight, Public Square
Neill Alexander, lawyer, W Washington
Newcomer Jonathan, prop. Franklin House, 15 N Potomac
Newcomer J. D. teller 1st Nat. Bank, 56 W Washington
Nock & Adams, props Daily and Weekly News, Public Square
Norris & Gruber, editors and props. Twice a Week, N W cor Public Square
Ogilby S. dry goods, 26 W Washington
Orndorf William F. clothing, 5 N Potomac
Pacific and Atlantic Telegraph Co. D. C. Aughenbaugh, operator, 18 W Washington
Phreaner B. W. T. photographer
Pickett James, saloon, N Jonathan cor Church
Pilkington & Schotterbeck, stoves, 4 N Potomac


Page #:

Wm. H. Boyd


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
22 x 13 cms

Maryland, Directories.

Allegany and Washington Counties, Md., 1875

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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