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Allegany County
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Washington County
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Civil War in Maryland
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Photographs and Prints
Post offices Greenfield Mills to Longwoods

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Greenfield MillsFrederick Co.James L. Roberts
Green HillWisconsin Co.James H. Elliott
GreensboroughCaroline Co.Joshua P. Fierce
Green Spring FurnaceWash. Co.Merritt S. Harries
GreenwoodBaltimore Co.Catharine Reier
Hagerstown (*c. h.)Washington Co.Wm. Logan
HambletonTalbot Co.Edmund W. Norris
HampsteadCarroll Co.Charles M. Murray
HancockWashington Co.Jno. J. Thomas
HanesvilleKent Co.Augustus L. Vannort
HansonvilleFrederick Co.Richard Harper
Harford FurnaceHarford Co.Clement Deitrich
HarmonyFrederick Co.Henry Unverzagt
HarneyCarroll Co.Daniel L. Shoemaker
HarrisonDorchester Co.Joseph Conaway
Harris’ LotCharles Co.Jas. R. Perry
HarrisonvilleBaltimore Co.John S. Miller
Harve-de-GraceHarford Co.Aquila Bailey
HendersonCaroline Co.Riley A. Spencer
Henry townCarroll Co.Thos. S. Cross
HerefordBaltimore Co.Henry W. Shane
Hickory TavernHarford Co.Jacob Minnick
HillsboroughCaroline Co.Mrs. Mary E. Sherwood
Hill's PointDorchester Co.Levin P. Marshall
HollywoodSt. Mary's Co;Samuel C. Thompson
Hood's MillsCarroll Co.Isaac T. McComas
HoopersvilleDorchester Co.Wm. H. Meekins
HooversvilleAnne Arundel Co.John F. Lowekamp
HopewellSomerset Co.Jacob H. Cullin
Hopewell X RoadsHarford Co.Jarrett B. Standiford
Horse HeadPrince George Co.Francis A. Ward
HoucksvilleCarroll Co.David W. Houck
HughesvilleCharles Co.James W. Chappelear
Hunting MillMontgomery Co.Ignatius B. Ward
HuntingtownCalvert Co.Richard H. I. Norfolk
HurlockDorchester Co.James M. Hurlock
Hutton's SwitchGarrett Co.John Connel
HyattstownMontgomery Co.Joseph R. Smith
HyattsvillePrince George Co.Wm. W. Danenhower jr
IjamsvilleFrederick Co.Benjamin F. Sellman
Ilchester MillsHoward Co.Henry Fitzmaurice
Indian SpringsWashington Co.Launcelot Jacques
InglesideQueen Anne's Co.Charles W. Boyer
JacksonvilleAnne Arundel Co.Thomas S. Jacobs
JarrettsvilleHarford Co.Benjamin Mason
JeffersonFrederick Co.Charles E. Thomas
Jerusalem MillsHarford Co.David Leo
JohnstownGarrett Co.Dan'l. Smith
Johnsville Frederick Co.Joseph S. B. Hartsock
KeedysvilleWashington Co.Ezra Baker
Keep TrystWashington Co.Henry Clay Elgin
KemptownFrederick Co.Milton B. Lewis
KennedyvilleKent Co.Jos. E. Weer
KingstonSomerset Co.Alfred B. Turpin
KnowlesMontgomery Co.Washington R. Hurdle
KnoxvilleFrederick Co.Jos. D. Main
LadiesburghFrederick Co.Wm. H. Martz
Lake PolandBaltimore Co.John H. Shamberger
LakesvilleDorchester Co.Chas. Lake
LanderFrederick Co.Louis Rodrick
LapidumHarford Co.Wm. T. Makinson
La PlataCharles Co.Robt. F. Chapman
LauravilleBaltimore Co.Louis Rosenberger
Laurel Factory *Prince George Co.James Curley
LaytonsvilleMontgomery Co.Francis L. Bell
LeesboroughMontgomery Co.Miss Henrietta E. Petty
LeitersburghWashington Co.Frederick Koppisch
Leonardtown (*c. h.) St. Mary's Co.Amos M. Graves
LewistownFrederick Co.Andrew N. Cramer
Liberty GroveCecil Co Robt. A. Saunders
LibertytownFrederick Co.. John S. L. Rodrick
LicksvilleFrederick Co.John T. Talbott
Lime KilnFrederick Co.M.J. Grove
LiudseyvilleWorcester Co.Jesse B. Truitt
LinganoreFrederick Co.Daniel H. Linn
LinkwoodDorchester Co.Samuel T. Roberson
LinwoodCarroll Co.Josiah Englar
LisbonHoward Co.George Leach
Little GunpowderBaltimore Co.Miss Lottie A. Raine
Locust GroveKent Co.Robt. Conley
LonaconingAlleghany Co.William Mclndoe
Long CornerHoward Co.Jno. Dell
Long Green AcademyBaltimore Co.James D. Blade
LongwoodsTalbot Co.Thomas J. Rowens


Page #:

Wm. H. Boyd


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
22 x 13 cms

Maryland, Directories.

Allegany and Washington Counties, Md., 1875

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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