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Allegany County
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Garrett County
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Washington County
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Civil War in Maryland
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Genealogy Resources
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Photographs and Prints
Post offices Shade Mills to Williamsburgh

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Shade MillsGarrett Co.Wm. Frost
ShaneBaltimore Co. Arthur Shane
SharpsburghWashington Co.Mrs. Harriet Benton
SharptownWicomico Co.John T. Covington
ShawanBaltimore Co.Shadrack W. Tipton
Shepherd's StoreAnne Arundel Co.Wm. Shepherd
Silver HillPrince George Co.Andrew Messer
Silver RunCarroll Co.Henry Kump
SimpsonvilleHoward Co.Wm. Brayshaw
SkiptonTalbot Co.J no. A. Catrup
SligoMontgomery Co.James L. Dorsey
SmithsburghWashington Co.Daniel Mentzer
SmithvilleCaroline Co.James L. Bullock
Snow Hill (* c. h.)Worcester CoJas. S. LeCompte
SnydersburghCarroll Co.Joseph H Lippy
Solomon's IslandCalvert Co.Wm. Solomon
South RiverAnne Arundel Co.J. W. Dove
SpencervilleMontgomery Co.Wm H. Spencer
SpringfieldPrince George Co.James T. Perkins.
StablersvilleBaltimore Co.Mrs. C. M. Stabler
Stevenson StationBaltimore Co.Thomas Coady
Still PondKent Co.Miss Georgia L. Norris
StocktonWorcester Co.Levin J. Houston
StonersvilleCarroll Co.George W. Stoner
SudlersvilleQueen Anne's Co.Elwood B. Pierce
SudleyAnne Arundel Co.Joshua L. Glover
SuitsvillePrince George Co. A. G. Robinson
SunderlandvilleCalvert Co.Nathaniel D. Wilkinson
Sunny BrookBaltimore Co.Isaac King
SunshineMontgomery Co.Wm. W. Brown
SwantonGarrett Co.James K. P. Johnson
Sweet AirBaltimore Co.Edward A. Weakley
SykesvilleCarroll Co.Jacob M. Zimmerman
TaneytownCarroll Co.Charles C. Currens
TanneryCarroll Co.James S. Baer
TaylorHarford Co.Alfred Garrison
Taylor's IslandDorchester Co.Edward Griffith
T. B. Prince George Co.Jos. E. Huntt
TemplevilleQueen Anne's Co.Mrs. Elizabeth Cooper
Thomas' RunHarford Co.James H. Bull
Tobacco StickDorchester Co.Jno. S. Harrington
Towsontown (c. h.)Baltimore Co.Adam Debaugh
Tracy's LandingAnne Arundel Co.Albert Wilson
TrappeTalbot Co. Robert T. Mullikin
TrentonBaltimore Co.Tobias H. Kepner
TriadelphiaMontgomery Co.Thomas Lansdale
TyaskinWicomico Co.Mrs. Delia E. Moore
TyroneCarroll Co.Michael L. Babylon
Union BridgeCarroll Co.Moses Shaw
Union Meeting HouseBaltimore Co. Thos. E. Wantland
UniontownCarroll Co.Thos. F. Shepherd
UnionvilleFrederick Co.Peter Lugenbeel
UppercoBaltimore Co. William T. Algire
Upper Cross RoadsHarford Co.Jno. B. Curry
Upper FallsBaltimore Co.Mrs. Barbara Chenowith
Upper Marlborough (c. h.)Prince George Co.Edward J. K. Scott
Upper TrappeSomerset Co.Columbus J. Gillis
UrbanaFrederick Co.Thomas A. Smith
Utica MillsFrederick Co.Wm. H. Todd
ViennaDorchester Co.James A. Higgins
WakefieldCarroll Co.Joseph Hoover
WalkersvilleFrederick Co Simon W. Stauffer
WarfieldburghCarroll Co.Jas. B. Allison
WarrenBaltimore Co.Samuel H. Green
WarwickCecil Co.Jos. W. Flintham
WaterburyAnne Arundel Co.John A. Baldwin jr.
WatersvilleCarroll Co.Francis M. Hall
WaverlyBaltimore Co.Towsend S. Bonsall
WeisesburghBaltimore Co.Mrs. Margaret Hunter
WesternportAlleghany Co.James K. P. Johnson
West FriendshipHoward Co.Joshua H. Cross
Westminster (*c. h.)Carroll Co.Abraham H. Huber
WestoverSomerset Co.Levin H. Beauchamp
West RiverAnne Arundel Co.John W. Chew
WetheredvilleBaltimore Co.Wm. J. Dickey
WevertonWashington Co J. Rice Garrott
WhaleysvilleWorcester Co.Harry A. Hammond
White HallBaltimore Co.Enos K. Wright
WhitehavenWicomico Co. Ware Winwright
WhiteleysburghCaroline Co.Daniel Marine
White PlainsCharles Co.Melvina A. Rowe
WilliamsburghDorchester Co.James H. Williams


Page #:

Wm. H. Boyd


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
22 x 13 cms

Maryland, Directories.

Allegany and Washington Counties, Md., 1875

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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