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Hagerstown District Telephone Directory 1907 - Hagerstown, page 26

Hagerstown District Telephone Directory of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1907: Page 26 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



Hagers       7-W       MILLER, HARRY F., Agt. American Brewing Co       417 W. Washington
Hagers       7-W       MILLER, HARRY F., Residence       417 W. Washington
Keedys       7-2       MILLER, J. A., Grocer        Keedysville, Md
Hagers       16-R       MILLER, J. FRANK, Residence       121 Broadway
Keedys       14-3       MILLER & SON, JOHN L., Dealers in Grain, etc       Boonsboro, Md
Hagers       134-W       MILLER, JOHN Z., Roof’g, Hot Air Furn., Light Cond.,        N. E. cor Pub sq
Hagers       853-5       MILLER, M. R., Residence       Paper Mill Road
Hagers       70-K       MILLER, MISS MABELLE, Residence       364 N. Mulberry
Hagers       137-K       MILLER, MATTHEW, Saloon       126 N. Jonathan
Hagers       23-K       MILLER, S. W. KENT, Bicycles        103 S. Potomac
Hagers       192-W       MILLER, JR., DR. VICTOR D., Residence       133 W. Washington
Hagers       192-W       MILLER, DR. W. PRESTON, Residence       133 W. Washington
Hagers       17-K       MILLER & WINEBERG, Tailors       7 W. Washington
Hagers       24-F       MILLS, MISS KITTIE, Residence       426 N. Jonathan
Hagers       139-K       MINIUM, S. E., Residence       14 S. Locust
Hagers       76-R       MIX, E. B., Residence       320 S. Locust
Hagers       203-R       MOATS, A. L., Residence       118 E. Baltimore
Hagers       855-22       MOATS, AMOS P., Residence       Near Benevola
Hagers       15-K       MOLLER & CO., M. P., Music Store       47 W. Washington
Hagers       125-W       MOLLER, M. P., Residence       Potomac & Fairground
Hagers       8-W       MOLLER, M. P., Organ Factory       N. Prospect
              MONTEREY INN               Monterey, Pa
Hagers       245-W       MONUMENTAL BREWING CO., D. H. Parlett       S. Potomac
Hagers       123-K       MOORE, JOSEPH L., Residence       Mechanic
Hagers       841-21       MORGANSTERN. E. E., Residence       Maugansville, Md
Hagers       287-W       MORGRET, C. G., Residence       105 E. Antietam
Hagers       210-K       MORIN, D. H., Poultry & Eggs       54 W. Antietam
Hagers       130-Y-I       MORIN, D. H., Residence       Halfway, Md
Hagers       278       MORNING HERALD       25 S. Jonathan
Hagers       853-2       MORRIS, C. A., Residence       Paper Mill Road
Hagers       853-2       MORRIS, GEO., Residence       Paper Mill Road
Hagers       853-2       MORRIS, MRS. OLIVER, Residence       Paper Mill Road
Hagers       146-K       MORRISON, W. B., Physician       145 W. Washington
Hagers       149-W       MOSER, E. C, Heating & Plumbing       61 E. Washington
Hagers       149-W       MOSER HEATING CO., THE, Heating & Plumbing Contr.,       61 E. Wash'n
Hagers       858-21       MOSER, O. O., Residence       Fairplay, Md
Hagers       218-K       MOSS, W. J., Residence       235 N. Potomac
Keedys       2-4       MOTTER, CHAS. E., Confectionery, Ice Cream, etc       Keedysville, Md
Hagers       261-K       MOWERY, LUTHER, Residence       230 S. Cannon av
Hagers       861-3       MULLENDORE, AARON, Residence       Near Maugansville, Md
Keedys       10-24       MULLENDORE, CLIFFORD, Residence       Rohrersville
Keedys       10-6       MULLENDORE, D. D       Near Gapland, Md
Keedys       9-31       MULLENDORE, E. C, Residence       Near Gapland, Md
Keedys       10-33       MULLENDORE, HARRY, Residence       Gapland, Md
Keedys       16-3       MUMMA, NATHANIEL, Residence       Near Keedysville, Md
Hagers       5-K       MUNDAY, HARRY, Residence       407 S. Potomac
Hagers       5-K       MUNICIPAL ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT       407 S. Potomac

M. P. MOLLER & CO. Sell Strictly High Grade Pianos

Among them the CHICKERING, BEHNING, KRANICH & BACH, BEHR BROS., McPHAIL, JAUSSEN, Etc. Though should you prefer one of the cheap commercial $400? Pianos that sell for $200 to $250, we can also furnish them

Ware Rooms 47 W. Washington Street C. and P. Telephone Established 1880

Our Own Unquestioned Guarantee with all HIGH GRADE PIANOS
Prices: One Small Profit Above the Cost of Manufacture. Easy Terms



Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company

Public domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
24 x 16 cms

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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