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George Perry Mahoney, a Democrat, defeated U.S. Congressman Carlton Sickles and Maryland Attorney General Thomas B. Finan in the 1966 Democratic primary. He then ran against, and lost to the Republican candidate, Spiro T. Agnew. As with the Finan pin depicted on this page, a Mahoney tab featured here also acknowledges the Democratic candidates for Attorney General and Comptroller, Francis “Bill” Burch and Louis L. Goldstein, respectively. There were a total of eight Democratic candidates in the 1966 Democratic Primary. Mahoney won with 148,446 votes, or just 30.21% of the total cast.

Carlton R. Sickles, a Democrat, also unsuccessfully sought his Democratic Party's gubernatorial nomination in 1966. This was won by George P. Mahoney who later lost to Spiro T. Agnew in the general election. Of the eight Democratic candidates in the 1966 primary, Sickles secured 146,607 votes, or 29.84% of those cast.

Thomas B. Finan, a Democrat, is represented on this page with two unusual buttons from his unsuccessful bid to secure his party’s gubernatorial nomination in 1966. One simply shows the letters “FBG” with an outline of the State of Maryland in the background. The “F” stands for Finan, the “B” for Francis “Bill” Burch, and the “G” for Louis Goldstein, Finan’s fellow Democratic candidates for Attorney General and Comptroller, respectively. Burch would serve as Attorney General from 1966-1978, and Louis L. Goldstein (1913-1998), Maryland’s legendary long-time Comptroller would hold that office from 1959-1998. The second pin displayed on this page also depicts Finan’s fellow Democratic candidates, Burch for Attorney General and Goldstein for Comptroller. There were a total of eight Democratic candidates in the 1966 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. Finan won 134,216 votes, or 27.31% of the votes cast.

Spiro T. (Ted) Agnew, a Republican, was elected Governor of Maryland in 1966 and served until 1969. He received 455,318 votes, 49.50% of those cast, thereby defeating George P. Mahoney, and a third candidate, Hyman A. Pressman, in the General Election Agnew had been selected by Richard M. Nixon as his vice-presidential running-mate in 1968, and upon their election Agnew resigned from the Governorship in 1969. Along with noting that Agnew was “Your Kind of Man for Governor”, the campaign advertisement card displayed here reads as follows:
Spiro T. Agnew
Experienced Administrator as County Executive of Baltimore County since 1962
Born in Baltimore City, November 9, 1918
Educated in Baltimore public schools
Attended Johns Hopkins University
Graduated in law, University of Baltimore
Served in army with 10th Armored Division in France and Germany
Recalled to active duty in Korean War
Married since 1942 – four children
Member, and later chairman, Baltimore County Board of Appeals
County Executive of Baltimore County since 1962

Hyman A. Pressman (1914-1996) was the long-time Comptroller of Baltimore City serving in that capacity from 1963-1991. In 1966 and as an Independent he ran for Governor of Maryland in the General Election, opposing not only the Republican candidate, Spiro T. Agnew, but also the Democratic candidate George P. Mahoney, whom Pressman felt too conservative. Pressman received 90,899 votes, or 9.88% of those cast. It is believed this tilted the election in favor of Agnew who won with 49.50% of the votes. The rest is history. Although the Pressman button portrayed here is for Comptroller we felt his role in Maryland Gubernatorial history warranted inclusion.

William Donald Schaefer, a Democrat, was elected Governor of Maryland in 1986, and served two terms from 1987 through 1995. Depicted here are two items, one from his first campaign where, “We want to call him Governor Schaefer”, and the other from after he was elected.

William S. Shepard, a Republican, was the 1990 Republican candidate for Governor of Maryland. He had defeated Ross Z. Pierpont in the September 1990 primary. Shepard’s running-mate for Lieutenant Governor was Lois B. Shepard, his wife. Their campaign slogan was “Give the entire state a fair shake”. Shepard received 446,980 votes, or 40.23% of the total votes cast in the November General Election in his loss to the incumbent, William Donald Schaefer. Shepard tried again in 1994 but came in third in the Republican primary behind the winner, Ellen R. Sauerbrey and Helen Delich Bentley (1923- ), a former Maryland Congresswoman from 1985-1995. Also depicted on the button portrayed here is C. Donald Warner, a candidate for the Carroll County Republican State Central Committee.

Melvin “Mickey” A. Steinberg (1933- ), a Democrat, served in the Maryland State Senate from 1967-1987 and from 1983-1987 served as the President of that body. In 1986 Steinberg was elected Lieutenant Governor of Maryland, along with William Donald Schaefer as Governor, and served in that office until 1995. Steinberg was an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for his party’s nomination for Governor in 1994. He was one of seven Democratic Party primary candidates. Steinberg received 82,308 votes, or 15% of the total votes cast in the Primary that was won by Parris N. Glendening.


Al Feldstein

Al Feldstein

Collection Location:
LaVale, Maryland

Campaign paraphernalia, Maryland, History


Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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