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Allegany County Board of County Commissioners minutes, February 1960

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February 26, 1960 (Contd.)

A large delegation appeared before the Commissioners in support of a Library System for Allegany County. Judge George Henderson outlined the estimated cost of the proposed Library System and its advantages from the standpoint of education as well as the pleasure it would afford to shut-ins and the aged. Mrs. Charles L. Kopp pointed out the manner in which a Library System can supplement and assist our educational system. Mrs. William Cook, Secretary of the Library Committee outlined the processing of books for the use in libraries as well as the costs and salaries involved and stated that the Library Committee felt that the budget as submitted to the commissioners would remain the same for the next ten years. Also speaking in behalf of the plan were Mrs. Richard Johnson of the LaVale Century Club, Chauncey M. Sanner and Earl Chaney of the Cumberland Chamber of Commerce, and Mrs. Margaret Aldridge of the Frostburg Branch of the A.A.U.W.

Commissioner John J. Rowan stated that he felt that the delegation represented only a small percentage of the taxpayers of the County and that he felt the Commissioners must take into consideration the effect of the library cost on the tax rate. He stated that the Commissioners are in favor of a library plan but feel they have other considerations such as the new school teachers' raise, a raise in the teachers' pension which Allegany County has to provide, and they are also faced with the necessity of improvements to the County Buildings and Tax Office improvements which alone will cost an estimated $15,000. The Commissioners are also faced with the cost of a Planning and Zoning Commission which they feel is essential to Allegany County. He stated that the Commissioners also have the problem of the Miners Hospital which must be kept open as well as the Sacred Heart Hospital and he felt that all of these were very important factors which demand attention and until such time as the Commissioners are able to study the new budgets they will not be able to make any promises at the present time, and if an increase in the tax rate is indicated he would be strictly opposed to it, and there were several persons who were supporting the Library System who had protested very strongly last year when the tax rate was raised 17 cents.

Commissioner Mason stated that the Library Annex was in need of repair and asked if the Library Committee had any money in their budget for this purpose. Mrs. Cook stated that they were under the impression that the building was in good condition and no money had been set aside for this purpose. Mr. Mason asked why this program could not be under the Public School System and Mrs. Cook informed him that the law states that it must be a County library and the schools cannot operate a public library.

Commissioner Wilson stated that the Commissioners appreciated the fact that a Library System would be a very desirable project for Allegany County but he felt that the Commissioners would have to hold up their decision on the matter until all the budgets were received and that they all felt that real estate taxes were at a peak and they wanted to keep real estate taxes down, but there have been many economies realized in operating the county during the last year and if the Commissioners are able to pick up enough revenue the County Library System will receive consideration.


Allegany County Board of County Commissioners

From Allegany County Board of County Commissioners Minute Collection


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Allegany County

Public libraries, Maryland, Allegany County; Allegany county Library System (Md.), Anniversaries.

Allegany County (Md,), 1960-2010

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