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Hagerstown District Telephone Directory 1907 - Hancock, page 42

Hagerstown District Telephone Directory of the Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company, 1907: Page 42 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information



Hncock       9-3       AMBROSE, IRA C, Residence       Near Berkeley Springs
Hncock       28-2       BERKELEY SPRINGS LIGHT & WATER CO.,        Berkeley Springs, W. Va
Hncock       22-4       BROSIUS, B. H., General Merchandise       Brosius, W. Va
Hncock       22-4       BROSIUS, W. VA       Brosius, W. Va
Hncock       13-6       BYARD, H. R., General Merchandise       Pectonville, Md
Hncock       26-11       COHILL, EDMUND P., Barton Farm       Near Hancock, Md
Hncock       26-22       COHILL, EDMUND P., Farm       Pike West of Hancock, Md
Hncock       12-4       COHILL, EDMUND P., General Merchandise       Hancock, Md
Hncock       26-12       COHILL, EDMUND P., Taylor Farm       Near Lock No. 53
Hncock       12-4       COHILL, LEO A       Hancock, Md
Hncock       26-5       COHILL, LEO A       Orchard, Md
Hncock       10-3       COHILL, S. RINEHARD, Insurance, Flour, Feed, Hay, etc       Main
Hncock       12-4       COHILL, WILLIAM J       Hancock, Md
Hncock       16-5       CRE AGER, H. L., Farming Implements, etc       Hancock, Md
Hncock       26-14       DILLON, R. S., Farm       Western Pike
Hncock       26-13       DILLON, R. S., Farm       Between Western Pike & Lock No. 53
Hncock       13-4       DITTO, MRS. LIZZIE, Residence.       Western Pike
Hncock       10-5       FAITH & WILKINSON, Farming Implements, etc       Hancock
Hncock       15-2       FIELDS, J. F., Residence       Main, Hancock, Md
Hncock       10-2       FIRST NATIONAL BANK       Main, Hancock, Md
Hncock       26-22       FLETCHER, P. T       Pike, West of Hancock, Md
Hncock       20-11       HANCOCK BANK, THE       Hancock, Md
Hncock       16-2       HANCOCK FOUNDRY & MACHINE CO., Moulders, etc       Hancock, Md
Hncock       10-4       HANCOCK HARDWARE & ROOFING CO., Office       Main
Hncock       27       HANCOCK HOTEL, C. W. Spangler, Prop       Hancock, Md
Hncock       19-2       HANCOCK PAY STATION, Dr. J. A. West & Co       Maryland Inn
Hncock       14-2       HANCOCK SHALE BRICK COMPANY, Kilns       Hancock, Md
Hncock       17-2       HENDERSON, C. W. R., Real Estate & Insurance       Main, Hancock, Md
Hncock       11-2       HENDERSON, C. W. R., Residence, "Blue Hill Heights"       Hancock, Md
Hncock       9-11       HENDERSON, CHAS W       Hancock, Md
Hncock       11-3        HENDERSON, MISS CORA S., Residence       Main, Hancock, Md
Hncock       11-3       HENDERSON, E. C, Residence       Main, Hancock, Md
Hncock       24       HENDERSON, R. L., Cashier Washington County Bank              Hancock, Md
Hncock       9-2       HOTEL WASHINGTON CO., THE, Office       Berkeley Springs, W. Va
Hncock       12-3       INGRAM, WM. A., Livery & Feed Stables       Hancock, Md
Hncock       14-3       LITTLE, P. T., General Merchandise       Hancock, Md
Hncock       26-14       LOW, WILLIAM       Western Pike
Hncock       39-2       McAVOY, MRS. TERESA       Hancock, Md
Hncock       10-2       McCANDLISH, R. J., Cashier First National Bank       Main, Hancock, Md
Hncock       29       MARYLAND INN, J. Tal Bridges, Prop       Main
Hncock       23-3       MASON & CO., JOHN T., Drugs, Stationery, etc       Hancock, Md
Hncock       13-2       MILLSTONE, MD       Millstone, Md
Hncock       28-4       NATIONAL MINING & MILLING CO       Berkeley Springs, W. Va
Hncock       25-4       NOEL, WILLIAM, Residence       Hancock, Md
Hncock       13-5       PECK, M. L., Residence       Pectonville, Md
Hncock       9-14       PENNA. GLASS SAND CO., Office       Near Hancock, Md
Hncock       9-15       PENNA. GLASS SAND CO., Office       Near Berkeley Springs, W. Va
Hncock       18-2       PERKINS, MRS. MARY J., P. M       Post Office, Hancock, Md
Hncock       14-4       POLLADINO, A., Baker       Hancock, Md
Hncock       18-2       POST OFFICE       Hancock, Md
Hncock       25-2       REMSBURG & CO., Fresh Meats & Provisions       Main



Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company

Public domain


Collection Location:
Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
24 x 16 cms

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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