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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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served that both these lines offer chances at competitive rates into big markets. The Baltimore & Ohio by a branch connection, offers advantages and the Norfolk and Western opens a range southward of unlimited capacity.

Our situation could hardly be bettered as far as the matter of market facilities go. Our industries have many lines and connections to chose from and there are now 194 outgoing and incoming trains every day as an indication of further possibilities.

It can be readily estimated that this City offers a most desirable center for factories and industries, even if there were no more to offer, than a fertile and productive environment and a hardly surpassable freight distributing center. But there is more. We have here trolley lines in plenty to reinforce the desirability of the suburbs. In that direction we are well armed. We have near 90 miles of line running right out of us; we reach down into Frederick County, over in Pennsylvania and to the edge of West Virginia. There are many cars and they traverse a territory that is both beautiful and productive. This is, however, not all, though we have 302 cars leaving and entering the Public Square, the point of transfer, every day. An average of only 10 to the car makes a mass of passengers alone. We have more to offer the industry seeking a home. We have a low rate of taxation. For factories, which go outside the limits of the city, a narrow boundary, the assessment is about 70 per cent, of the cash value or less, and the State and County rate combined is 90 cents on the $100. We propose this for consideration and comparison. Let any factory owner in any other section take this as one of the leading inducements as to selecting this city as the site of his new or of his old factory. It is not to be passed over. It means the saving of many hundreds of dollars per year. It means meeting competition with a good start on a lesser basic cost. But we go further. It is comparatively easy to secure land on very favorable terms, the last large industry getting a most desirable tract for almost a gift, but as an inducement for establishment, or the removal here of factories we free them of taxes for the first five years and extend a hearty welcome at the same time. What Town can offer much more? Of course, we have done better yet. The last two industries were staked here, one of them securing here $135,000 for shares of stock and the other being totally subscribed and over subscribed the first week it was offered. This should show our spirit. But we are not interested so much in that as in the advantages we show and the silent advances we make to factory settlers. We draw them by the facilities, possibilities and centrally distributing allurement, one that appeals to every man who makes something he wants to sell and to get where it is bought as speedily and economically as possible. Briefly, there you are. We present cold facts and ask attention. It is worth studying. What else is there to join on? Namely this: we have about us a stalwart hillside population to draw on for workers, we have a constantly increasing population, our birthrate running by monthly report nearly double the death rate; we have houses springing up on every hand to keep rentals to fair rates, namely from $6 to $15 per month, the latter with all modern improvements; we have a contented and prosperous laboring element, many skilled mechanics and many heading this way as the Mecca of peace and plenty; and last, not least, we have near us the greater cities and sea ports, accessible by swift trains and at practically every hour.

It is with ample confidence that we offer Hagerstown as the most desirable center for industries of all kinds to be between the north and south. Investigation will clinch that confidence in the inquirer.

We have recited the opportunities that are purely economical but it must not be understood that the higher and better is neglected, that we are purely material and that our social and religious side, our fraternal and spiritual side, is overlooked or ignored. We have ample offerings there; plenty of fine, active and splendid churches; flourishing organizations, some with handsome homes, and any number of associations in a great number of different undertakings for mutual help, protection and sympathy. The stranger finds himself at home here if anywhere. He finds either his church or his lodge, his brothers or friends of his old companions and he is soon initiated in the social life of the City. He will also find a ready welcome and that is always a help. No man is here met as a foreigner. He is at once as much one of us as though his people founded the Town. Long ago the old prejudice against those not long of our City died; we are brothers of the great world and no pent up provincial feelings prevail here; there is work ample for us all. Here is the place, the time is the present, the past is for the effete and the future for dreamers, and the factory or industry owner who wants to do himself justice and produce to his best advantage should remember all that, write for particulars or visit us in person.

Throughout the following pages will be found some very interesting reading matter pertaining to some of the many successful manufacturing enterprises and other enterprises located in the city of Hagerstown. It is not possible for us to go into fine detail and seek out each and every house in the city, but those mentioned herewith will give the reader a fair idea of what a wonderful city Hagerstown is in reality, containing seven great banks with immense capital and deposits, seventy-eight large and small factories of all kinds, ten large hotels, many churches and schools, etc., etc. If your enterprises are worthy of consideration and you are looking for a better location come to Hagerstown, meet the bankers, manufacturers, and business men and talk the matter over with them.


Page #:

Clarence E. Weaver


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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