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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK.-This Bank has been established for more than half a century, and its long career has been one of steady progress and prosperity. It is under able management, stands abreast of the times, and is one of the soundest banking institutions in the State. After more than three score years of usefulness, it is pretty safe to assume that the forethought and ability which have controlled its destinies must have been of a high -order; also, that there must have been a liberal policy -exercised in the management of affairs, for its policy has always been to aid in every legitimate way and assist in the development of the commercial, manufacturing, and financial interests of this community. The Bank recently -erected the handsomest and most modern office building, of the sky-scraper type, in the City. The Bank occupies the entire first floor, and there are few banking quarters in the entire State that surpass its luxuriousness. The Bank has a Capital of $100,000.00, Surplus and profits $146,000.00, deposits nearly $700,000.00, and Total Resources over a $1,000,000.00. The officers are the following well-known men of prominence: P. W. Mish, Pres.; Jno. D. Newcomer, Cashier, and N. J. Brandt, Asst. Cashier.

JOHN W. FELDMAN, Real Estate Operator, No. 3 Hamilton Row.—Mr. Feldman is classed among our oldest established real estate dealers, since he has been engaged in the business here for a period of 21 years. He has always been successful in his dealings, and is regarded as one of our most expert judges of property values. It is his opinion that property will continue to advance, and that now is the opportune time to make investments, for there is, indeed a bright future ahead of Hagerstown. Mr. Feldman handles all kinds of property and his list of property for sale contains some very attractive offerings which should not be overlooked. Mr. Feldman is widely and favorably known in business and social circles, is a gentleman of most excellent standing, and thoroughly reliable in all his transactions. If you are interested in Hagerstown, or in real estate, or have any money to invest, call and meet Mr. Feldman, and have a heart to heart talk with him.

GEORGE UPDEGRAFF & SON, manufacturers of gloves. This is an industry that has contributed materially to the city's fame as a manufacturing center. This business has been established since 1865, and the business has steadily increased. An immense building is occupied and employment is given to a force of 150 people manufacturing many different styles of all kinds of gloves for ladies and gentlemen. These gloves find a ready sale throughout all parts of the United States and many traveling men visit the trade in the interest of the house.

HAGERSTOWN SILK MILL.—Among the industrial establishments that have won their way to great success is the Hagerstown Silk Company. This company manufactures all kinds of ribbon and the product is sold throughout the United States. The plant is finely appointed throughout and the immense building which is five stories high has dimensions of 50x212 feet. Employment is given to an average force of 200 skilled operatives. This is but another evidence of Hagerstown’s wonderful advantages as a manufacturing center.

RUDY & MEREDITH, Pharmacists, Hotel Hamilton, opposite Court House. One cannot be too particular in getting prescriptions filled by a reliable druggist, and the members of the medical profession are not slow to recognize the merits of a drug store in charge of druggists thoroughly versed in pharmaceutical science. Such is that of Rudy & Meredith. The individual members are, Messrs. H. R. Rudy and H. L. Meredith, who have been proprietors of this old established business for about seven years and have attained a reputation of the very highest. They have built up a remarkable business, and their store is one of the handsomest in this part of the country, thoroughly stocked with pure drugs and chemicals, toilet articles, perfumes, sundries, and all sick room, surgeon and hospital supplies. The store also contains a Soda Fountain where all the popular drinks of the season are served. Messrs. Rudy & Meredith are prominent men of most excellent standing.

THE CITY SAVINGS BANK.—Guided, managed, and upheld by citizens of sterling worth and integrity, properly describes The City Savings Bank. The Bank has been established for about six years, and its history has been one of steady progress and advancement along the lines of conservatism and good judgment. It is equipped with the most modern facilities to conduct a general banking business. The handling of savings accounts is a special feature of the institution, and the Bank has many regular depositors. The total resources of the Bank, according to the last statement were $490,960.42. The officers are: Abraham C. Strife, Pres.; Edward E. Hutzell, Cashier; Directors, Abraham C. Strite, Edward E. Hutzell, D. C. Gilbert, A. E. Albert, Dr. E. A. Wareham, Chas. M. Wisherd, Lewis C. Remsburg, J. Frank Miller, Wm. M. Seibert, Dr. Jacob H. Wishard. This Bank pays 3% per cent, interest on Savings deposits, and your patronage is solicited. This is a very strong financial institution, and has an established reputation as a sound and conservative banking house.

D, RAMACCIOTTI, Commission Merchant and Wholesale Dealer in Fruits, Nuts and Confections. This great house is located at the North-West Corner of the Public Square. The business has been established for some twenty years, and this is one of the oldest and best known houses in Hagerstown. The business is very large, and Mr. Ramacciotti has a perfect knowledge of details pertaining to this industry and he has many regular customers throughout Hagerstown and the surrounding territory. He handles the very best class of fruits and confections, making a specialty of the wholesale trade. The very lowest prices are quoted on all articles. He also operates a Retail store in connection. This is one of the best places in Western Maryland to buy goods of this kind. Mr. Ramacciotti is very liberal in his dealings, and has the confidence of the general trade.

HOLTZMAN & ADAMS.—This firm deals in hardware and agricultural implements of all kinds, Black Hawk Planters, Osborne Binders and Mowers, Brown-Manly Corn Plow, Wagons, Buggies, Sharpie's Cream Separators, "New Idea" Manure Spreaders, etc. The warehouse and office is on West Antietam Street, opposite the B. & O. Depot. This is one of the oldest houses of the City. The Senior member, Mr. J. O. Holtzman, was one of the original founders about twenty years ago and Mr. J. Q. Adams has been a member of the firm for about twelve years. Messrs. Holtzman & Adams are among the City's most substantial and successful business men, and they have a trade extending throughout the entire County. They carry an extensive line of goods, and never have any trouble to satisfy the trade.

JACOB LYONS DEPARTMENT STORE. —This successful and highly important store is located at No. 13 West Washington Street, and both the Wholesale and Retail business is transacted. This store has been established for a period of 25 years, and it has always been noted as the headquarters for stylish and up-to-date goods, including dry goods, silks, ladies' and men's furnishings, children's wear, ladies' suits, coats, furs, corsets, hosiery, embroiders, etc. Mr. Lyons is successful in his dealings, and enjoys a good reputation. His store has been among the leading and popular stores on Washington Street for many years. Mr. Lyons wants your trade and will treat you right.


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Clarence E. Weaver

Illustration: Elks' Home, S. Potomac Street


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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