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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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CHAS. C. EASTON.—In reviewing the general trade and commerce of Hagerstown, it is well that we should give prominent mention to real estate operators, and among the list is Mr. Chas. C. Easton who has been identified with this branch of business for the past two years. He handles real estate of all kinds, stocks and bonds, and is agent for Liability, Health & Accident, Fire and Boiler Insurance Companies. He has been eminently successful in his dealings, and occupies nicely fitted up offices at No. 7, North Jonathan Street. Mr. Easton is a native of Pennsylvania, and has been a resident of Hagerstown for the past twenty years. He was for 12 years Manager of the C. & P. Telephone Company; Mr. Easton is therefore widely known, and his long identity with business interests and property owners of this City, has given him almost a perfect knowledge of realty values. He is the Secretary and Treasurer of the Montross Metal Casket Company, operating an extensive manufacturing plant in this city.

J. C. ULLRICH—This gentleman is a dealer in all kinds of green groceries, poultry, fresh fish and oysters. He is located at No. 110 West Franklin Street, having both telephone connections. This store presents a busy scene at all times, and the patrons of this house include many of the best families of Hagerstown. Mr. Ullrich established the business about 3 years ago, and has met with success from the very start of the enterprise up to the present time. He is a native of this City, a young man, and has always been deeply in love with Hagerstown, and thinks that no City on earth offers so many attractions as a delightful place for residence, or better for business.

D. A. STICKELL & SON, Proprietors "Anchor Mills." This is one of the largest milling institutions in Western Maryland. The Mills were erected in 1896, and have been enlarged several times since, in order to meet the great and growing demand of the high-grade products for which the mills have become famous. The mills have a capacity of 325 barrels per day, and employment is given to some 20 people. Much of the product is shipped to throughout North and South Carolina. The leading brands include "Stickell's Best," "Gem Patent," "Magnolia," "Champion," "Liberty Bell," "Elegant," "Golden Sheaf." They are extensive dealers in high grade corn meal, grain and feed of all kinds. The mills are well equipped and are ably conducted. The members of the firm include Mr. D. A. Stickell, who founded the business, and his son, Mr. H. K. Stickell, who has been a member for the past few years.

"BUCK'S CAFE." —This Cafe is located at No. 13 and No. 15 West Franklin Street, and is one of the oldest established enterprises in the city. It was originally established by the father of the present proprietor some 23 years ago. The proprietor, MR. CHAS. E. WILLSON, recently newly equipped the place with up-to-date fixtures and is prepared to serve the public with anything in the line of high-grade liquors, beers, wines, cigars, etc., as well as light lunches of all kinds. The place is under able management, and there is an Electric Piano in operation furnishing amusement for patrons. Mr. Chas. E. Willson is a very popular gentleman, and under his able direction there is no doubt that Buck's Cafe will have a very prosperous and successful future.

DAVID HORNER.—This gentleman is a dealer in all kinds of furniture, carpets, stoves, and everything pertaining to the complete outfitting of homes. He is located at No. 'SO West Franklin Street, opposite the famous "Oak Spring." He has both telephone connections. The premises include a modern 3-story building, besides an extensive Warehouse. The stock carried is enormous, and the prices at which all articles are sold are most reasonable. Mr. Horner is very liberal in his terms, and goods are sold either for cash, or easy payment plan. Mr. Horner has been established here for the past 12 years. Whether you have much money or little money, or whether you want fine furniture or cheap furniture, it will pay you to see Mr. David Horner.

THE WM. H. HAMMACK CO.—This Company is located at No. 56 West Franklin Street, and has been established for a period of four years. Mr. Wm. H. Hammack is the active Manager. He has had a lifetime of experience in the business, is a piano tuner by trade, gives special attention to all kinds of small musical instruments, and is a teacher of the violin. He is well and favorably known throughout the community, and is a gentleman of most excellent standing in business and social circles. The name of this Company is synonymous with anything in the line of music. This company publishes and deals in all kinds of sheet music and books, arranges music for composers, and carries a line of pianos and organs, violins, mandolins, guitars, banjos, and in fact, everything in the line of musical instruments

CITY AUCTION COMPANY.—This Company deals in all kinds of new and second-hand furniture, stoves, and general house furnishing goods. A very large stock is carried at all times. Goods are also sold on commission. The business has been established for about 3 years, and has steadily increased from the very beginning. The premises occupied include the two-story building, crowded to its fullest extent with bargains. It has become a wellknown fact that goods can be purchased of the City Auction Company at 25 to 50 per cent cheaper than from any other establishment in this section of the country. Therefore, if in need of anything in the furniture line, or if you have anything to sell, be sure and call at this place which is located at No. 17 West Franklin Street. The proprietors are, Mr. Melchor Garver and his two sons, L. Keller Garver and Arthur S. Garver. These gentlemen have an excellent standing, and are successful in their dealings.

E. K. SAUM.—Roofing, slating, spouting, hot-air furnaces and general repairing. Mr. Saum is located at No. 28 North Locust Street, and he has been established in the business for some 10 years, or longer. Mr. Saum is regarded as one of our most highly gifted experts, and has installed many hot-air furnaces in the fine homes of Hagerstown and vicinity. He personally looks after the execution of all contracts, while at the same time he gives employment to experienced workmen, and the result is that his work is absolutely perfect. Mr. Saum has a well equipped shop, and uses the very best material in all his work. Estimates cheerfully furnished and satisfaction guaranteed. Mr. Saum has always been a great "booster" for Hagerstown.


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Clarence E. Weaver

Illustration: Bronze Cannon (American ¦ Spanish War 1897 - 1898.)


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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