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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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McCARDELL BROS., Clothiers, Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Tailoring, Trunks and Bags.—There are few names better known to the trade of Hagerstown and vicinity than that of McCardell Brothers. This firm has established a fine record for itself, and for many years has held the leading position in the clothing trade of this part of the State. The business has been established for 27 years, and its history has been one of steady continuous growth, due to the enterprise and fine business methods of its management. The great building now occupied by the firm is one of the handsomest business structures in Hagerstown. It was erected three years ago, is 35 feet wide and 170 feet deep, four stories high, and basement. The variety and -elegant quality of the various lines carried should be seen to be appreciated. This store is indeed, handsomely appointed throughout. It presents a scene of beauty and art as well as the most perfect good taste and refinement. Its trade not only extends throughout the City, but includes much of the surrounding country, and it is perfectly safe to say that those giving McCardell Brothers their patronage, always find satisfaction. The members of this firm are: Messrs. W. H. McCardell and O. D. McCardell, both men of prominence in financial, business and social circles. They are natives of this City, and have always had great faith in the future of Hagerstown.

BIKLE'S SHOE SHOP, C. FRED BIKLE, Proprietor, "Shoes for Everybody," No. 27 ½ North Potomac Street.— The retail boot and shoe trade of Hagerstown is an important branch of our commercial interest, and one of the most attractive shoe stores in the City is that conducted by Mr. C. Fred Bikle, who has had an experience of 14 years in the business. He opened up the above store April 1st, 1911, and is having remarkable success, due to his business ability and personal energy, as well as his thorough knowledge of the shoe trade which enables him to make desirable selections, and it is a noticeable fact that he is now among the very first to introduce the latest styles and handles the most famous brands of the best manufacture. He caters to the trade of all who wear shoes and hosiery. Several polite clerks are employed. Mr. Bikle is a young man, a native of this City and a gentleman of most excellent standing.

THE HESS CARRIAGE COMPANY.—In our write-up of the commercial and manufacturing interests of Hagerstown, it is with pleasure that we mention this great and growing institution. The business has been established for about 20 years, and constant employment is given to an average force of about 30 people who are highly skilled in all the departments of the business. This company manufactures all kinds of heavy drays, transfer and top-spring wagons, carriages, buggies, run-abouts, and daytons. All work is in strict accord with hand methods, and in looking through their show rooms, we discover that this company turns out as fine a grade and as handsome a line of carriages, wagons, etc., as it is possible to find in any part of the world. The vehicles are strictly up-to-date in every particular, and made of the very finest materials. The officers of the Company are, Mr. John G. Hess, Pres., Treasurer and founder of the business, U. M. Hess, Vice-Pres., and M. E. Hess, Secretary. The premises include a modern building. Office and Factory corner Western Maryland Ry., and Middleburg Pike. Salesroom 33 South Jonathan Street.

MARYLAND DINING ROOM. This fine Dining Room is located at No. 47 West Washington Street, four doors East of the Court House. Mr. James Koliopulos is the Proprietor, and he has been operating the business for the past two years. He has had a long experience, however, in the restaurant business, and knows how to meet the full requirements of the high-class trade. He has just made extensive improvements in the way of new fixtures throughout, and is now one of the finest Dining Rooms outside of Baltimore or Washington in the whole State. The bill of fare contains everything in season, and the service is almost perfect. Every one connected with the place is very polite and accommodating. All the meats and dairy products are the very finest that can be had, while the coffee is absolutely perfect, and many traveling men stop at this place when they come to Hagerstown which is sufficient recommendation as to the merits of the Maryland Dining Room.

HARRY L. COFFMAN & COMPANY.—Building lumber and supplies, sash, doors, blinds and all kinds of interior finish. The business of this institution has been established for the past 6 years. It is growing rapidly and the trade is so great that it requires six and eight wagons in making delivery of the products. The plant is well appointed throughout, and a large number of skilled workmen is constantly employed. This firm has become noted for the high character of its products, and the prices are most reasonable. Estimates cheerfully furnished on any size bills. No contract can be too large for them to handle successfully. The members of the firm are, Harry L. Coffman, Raymond Coffman and W. E. South.

H. C. ISEMINGER.—This gentleman deals in all kinds of staple and fancy groceries, country produce, etc., and has been established for about 5 years. He has met with unusual success, and has a reputation of having one of the best equipped grocery stores in Hagerstown. He is very careful in the purchase of his stock that it may consist of the very purest and best goods on the market, and he is very reasonable in his prices. The store is kept neat and clean, and is strictly up-to-date in every regard. Mr. Iseminger is located at the corner of Baltimore & Potomac Streets, and his store has both 'phones, and all 'phone orders are filled with the same careful attention as if the customer called in person. Mr. Iseminger is a successful merchant, and thoroughly reliable in his dealings.

HULL'S GARAGE AND MACHINE SHOP.—This up-to-date establishment is located at No. 18, 20, 22 and 24 North Locust Street. It has been in existence for about two years, and Mr. Chas. F. Hull is now the Proprietor. He is a native of this City, and has had many years of practical experience as a machinist. He has an expert knowledge of the business, and gives all work his personal attention. The plant is perfectly appointed throughout, and is fireproof. Mr. Hull has the agency for the famous "Overland," and this is one of the most perfect machines on the market. A full line of automobile supplies is carried. Special attention is given to the general repairing and storage of automobiles. Mr. Hull also is a manufacturer and dealer in ornamental and structural iron and steel. Mr. Hull is one of the best known business men of the City and is conducting his business according to reliable methods.

BECK BROTHERS.—Manufacturers of all kinds of lumber, sash, doors, blinds, etc., dealers in paints, oils, and all kinds of builders' supplies. The office and yard of this great concern is located at No. 202 West Franklin Street, Corner of Walnut. The business has been established since 1905, and since that time the firm has supplied vast quantities of material for use in the erection of modern buildings throughout Hagerstown and the vicinity. The members of this firm are Messrs. J. Frank Beck and J. Edward Beck, both of whom are men of excellent standing, and have always taken a very active interest in movements for the building of the City. Their plant is of modern equipment, and employment is given to an average force of some 30 skilled workmen. The products turned out by this firm are strictly reliable, and the prices are noted for their moderation. It is a pleasure to deal with this house.


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Clarence E. Weaver

Illustration: St. John's Protestant Episcopal Church


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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