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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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THE SCHOOLEY COMPANY.—This Company deals in all kinds of grain, seeds, hay, coal, flour, feed, fertilizer, fence, etc. The Company is especially equipped for the successful conduct of its business. Both a Wholesale and Retail trade is transacted, and the Company is well prepared to make prompt deliveries. The equipment includes a special railroad siding, which materially assists in the manipulation of the business. A specialty is made of shipping high grade milling and seed wheat South. Mr. J. W. Schooley owns and conducts the enterprise, and he is a gentleman of thorough experience and perfectly reliable in his dealings. He has many regular customers. Mr. Schooley is one of our most highly respected citizens, and has the esteem of all. He never fails to speak a good word for Hagerstown at every opportunity. The business of this Company has been established since 1855.

J. C. RIDENOUR.—Men's tailor. This gentleman is located at No. 24 West Franklin Street. He established the business February 11th, 1911, but has had 22 years of practical experience in the trade. He is an expert cutter and fitter, is a native of Hagerstown, and has turned out many handsome suits for the best people of the City. He carries a nice line of suitings and gives all work his personal attention. His place is clean and up-to-date and he caters for the very best trade. He also gives special attention to cleaning and pressing. For "satisfaction and good clothes" be sure to see J. C. Ridenour.

H. E. SAUM—Watch-maker and Jeweler, No. 207 West Franklin Street. We desire to make favorable mention of Mr. H. E. Saum in this Illustrated Story of Hagerstown, since Mr. Saum is one of our most highly gifted watchmakers and jewelers. He has had experience in the business of some 30 years, and has been established in Hagerstown for 14 years. He is a native of Saumville, Shenandoah County, Virginia. No watch is too complicated for him to adjust and put in perfect order. Much of his business is with railroad employees, conductors, engineers, firemen, etc. Mr. Saum gives his personal attention to all work, and satisfaction is fully guaranteed. He does not carry a stock, but has the agency for all well-known standard watches and is prepared to make special orders promptly, and at the same time to save the purchaser from 25 to 50 per cent, on the price. Mr. Saum is reliable in his dealings, and has sold thousands and thousands dollars worth of goods through this method.

C. H. MOWEN, Practical Watch-maker and Jeweler. J. C. Mowen, Optometrist, No. 105 West Franklin Street. This is one of the successful enterprises of Hagerstown. The elder Mr. C. H. Mowen is perhaps one of the most famous and most widely known watch-makers of the City. He has had an experience of 45 years, and no timepiece is too complicated for him to adjust and put in perfect order. Expert repairing is his specialty, while he always carries an excellent stock of watches and jewelry. His son, Mr. J. C. Mowen, graduated as an Optometrist in 1905, and he has been identified with the profession in this City since 1907. He seems to be highly gifted in testing the eyes and fitting glasses, and he is having wonderful success. His patrons praise him highly. If you are having trouble with your eyes see him.

SEISS BROS., Dealers in fancy and staple groceries, Corner Locust and Franklin Streets. This firm name is widely and favorably known throughout Hagerstown and vicinity; it is composed of Messrs. A. P. Seiss and Mr. H. S. Seiss. They established the business 17 years ago, and have had success from the very beginning. The business is on a solid and substantial foundation, and the firm name has become a household word. It is synonymous with all that is choice, and high-class in the line of pure food supplies. Seiss Brothers handle the very purest of table delicacies, canned and bottled goods, vegetables, fruits, confections, cigars, etc. Their patronage is derived from among the best families in the City. The Seiss Brothers take an active interest in all movements for the upbuilding of the City, and they have great faith in the future of Hagerstown. They are well pleased with the wonderful success they have achieved, and solicit a continuation of your patronage, if the reader is so fortunate as to be one of their many customers.

BOYER & HEARD.—Manufacturers and dealers in choice flour, coal, grain and feed. This business is located at No. 159 West Franklin Street, and it is one of the decided successes of the city. The business has been established for many years, and has been operated by the present Arm since 1886. Both wholesale and retail business is transacted, and they ship large quantities of flour throughout Maryland, the Virginias, and Carolinas. Their Mill is one of the best appointed in this part of the country, and the product is unsurpassed, has a wide reputation and in great demand. The members of the Arm are Messrs. D. S. Boyer and C. E. Heard.

WAREHAM & STRITE, Wholesale Druggists.—This house has been established for about two years, and a most extensive business is being built up. The Arm handles everything in the line of drugs, sundries, etc., required by the retail druggist. The members of the Arm are, Dr. E. A. Wareham and W. E. Strite, both of whom are favorably known throughout the City. Dr. Wareham is proprietor of Wareham's City Pharmacy, located at corner of Jonathan and Franklin Streets, also owns the Central Drug Store, Northwest Corner Public Square. These stores are most liberally patronized, and are among the best appointed in the City. Mr. W. E. Strite is the General Manager of the business. He is an accomplished pharmacist, and is the buyer.

HOCKERSMITH'S GROCERY, 125 W. Franklin St.— It is generally a recognized fact that this store is always busy, and it is also generally recognized as headquarters for goods of high quality. The proprietor, Mr. G. McL. Hockersmith, is constantly striving to please and satisfy the most exacting patron with the very best class of goods on the market and to sell same at live and let live prices. His store is clean and up-to-date, and the general stock includes all kinds of staple and green groceries, coffees, teas, spices, canned and bottled goods, table delicacies, etc. Mr. Hockersmith established the business about three years ago, and has met with success from the very beginning. His business is growing constantly. Mr. Hockersmith is a young man, well known to our community, and stands high in the esteem of the general public. His store is connected with both telephones, and orders are Ailed promptly to the satisfaction and delight of all.

THE CHAS. H. SPANGLER ELECTRIC CO. , Engineers, contractors, supplies, repairing, wiring and general line of dynamos and electric machinery of and supplies of all kinds. This is one of the best known electrical institutions in Hagerstown, and has been established for a number of years. Mr. Chas. H. Spangler is at the head of the business. He is an expert Electrician, and keeps fully abreast of the times, and is the very first to adopt all the latest practical inventions pertaining to the electric industry. He carries a very fine stock of goods at all times, and gives special attention to the execution of electrical work, from wiring to the complete installation of electric plants. Estimates cheerfully furnished. Mr. Spangler is well pleased with his success he has achieved, and we can truthfully say that he is regarded as one of the very leaders


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Clarence E. Weaver

Illustration: St. Mary's Catholic Church


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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