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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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LEITER BROS.—Modern Dry Goods and Cloak House. It is, indeed with pleasure that we make favorable mention of this highly successful house, located at No. 56 West Washington Street. The business has been established for three years, and has grown very rapidly, and at the present writing the firm has in course of construction a modern two-story building in the rear of the present store, which will double the size of the present quarters, the premises extending back a depth of 215 feet. It has become generally regarded as "Absolutely the Best Store for Women" in this section of the country, and the wonderful growth of the business is a practical demonstration of the truth of this statement. They handle everything in the line of high-class dry goods, and everything in ladies' ready-to-wear garments, suitable for the high-class trade. At the present writing there are sixteen clerks employed, but this number is to be greatly increased in the near future. Mr. Frank S. Leiter is the able manager of the business. There is no doubt as to the bright future of this house.

H. A. BESTER & SONS, Florists.—This is the pioneer enterprise of its character in this part of the world, it having been established in the year 1847. It has likewise grown to be the very largest, there being Twenty-three Acres under high cultivation, while 60,000 square feet is under glass. Every flower and shrub known to the torrid and temperate zones are here grown, and it is a rare treat, indeed, to be shown through the Greenhouses. Both the wholesale and retail business is transacted throughout Maryland, Southern Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. The specialties include cut flowers, floral designs, and decoration and plants of all kinds. The firm includes in its membership Mr. Henry A. Bester, and two sons, Messrs. Henry A. Bester, Jr., and Fred G. Bester. These men are highly esteemed, and are regarded as experts in their business. All orders are promptly filled. 'Phone connection.

RELIABLE FURNITURE CO.—This great Company makes a specialty of the complete home outfitting, and in their great stock may be found the finest as well as the medium and cheaper grades, and there is no trouble to get what you want here and at the right prices. This store is regarded as one of the most successful in the City. This business has been established for the past 14 years, and has been located on West Franklin Street in the Pythian Castle building since 1907. The business has continued to grow and prosper. The members of the Company are: M. Ruben and M. R. Lyon, both of whom are furniture men of experience and extend every courtesy and accommodation to the trade.

F. F. FOLTZ.—This gentleman is located in the rear of No. 25 West Antietam Street, and deals extensively in McCormick Binders and Mowers. Farmers' Favorite and Greencastle Grain Drills, Acme Wagons, Manure Spreaders, Sampson Wind Wheel, Gasoline Engines, and Agricultural Implements of all kinds. He carries a full stock on hand at all times, and enjoys a fine trade. The business has been established for many years, and the name of F. F. Foltz is widely known throughout the entire County. Mr. Foltz is reliable in his dealings, and has many friends and regular customers. The line of goods carried are the most famous and perfect on the market.

C. P. SMITH & BROTHER, Veterinary Hospital, Livery and Boarding Stable. This business is located at No. 137 W. Franklin Street, and it is one of the best known enterprises of its kind in this part of the State. It has been established for about 25 years. Since the death of Mr. C. P. Smith, four years ago, the surviving member of the firm, Mr. R. H. Smith, has continued the business as proprietor, operating under the old well-known firm name as above. Mr. R. H. Smith has had twenty-one years experience in the practice of veterinary surgery. His hospital is well equipped with all the modern requirements of the profession, and he has been very successful in the treatment of all diseases of domestic animals. His Livery and Boarding Stable is well patronized, and he provides the best hack service in the City for funerals, weddings, balls, and theatre parties. Special attention given to Bus and Strawride parties. The stable and hospital have both 'phone connections. Mr. Smith is a progressive and up-to-date man of most excellent standing.

HARRY H. HARMAN, Real Estate, Insurance, Loan, Rents, Bonds, etc. Among those who are justly prominent and respected in real estate and insurance circles in Hagerstown, is Mr. Harry H. Harman. He is the successor of the J. Irvin Bitner Company. This business was established thirty years ago as the Bitner Agency, by the late J. Irvin Bitner, and the firm name was changed eleven years ago to that of the J. Irvin Bitner Co. at which time Mr. Harry H. Harman became a member. Mr. Harman has been associated with this agency, however, for twentyone years and therefore has a perfect knowledge of every detail of the business, which he now owns, having been conducting same in his name since April 1911. The office is located at No. 1 Court Place, and the firm deals in all kinds of real estate, represents a number of strong and influential insurance Companies, gives special attention to collections, and the management of estates for non-residents. Mr. Harman is a native of Hagerstown. He is a gentleman in the prime of life, and is thoroughly honorable and prompt in all his undertakings, and enjoys the confidence and esteem of merchants, manufacturers and property owner, generally.

HAGERSTOWN ICE COMPANY.—This is one of the most completely equipped ice plants in the State, and a specialty is made of absolutely pure ice manufactured from distilled mountain water. The capacity of the plant is nearly 50 tons per day, and during the season it requires seven wagons to supply the trade throughout this community. The Company is incorporated, and has for its officers, Messrs. Kealhofer, Pres.,; J. Clarence Lane, Sec, and W. H. Howard, Supt. and Treas. The plant was erected in 1890, and Mr. Howard has had full charge of the business since 1891. He is ably directing its affairs, and the business is on a very solid and substantial basis. The members of this Company are deeply interested in the general welfare of Hagerstown.

MRS. M. F. SCHUSTER, Stamping and Art Embroidery materials. This lady is located at No. 8 North Potomac Street, and has been established in the business for about seven years, and enjoys the distinction of having the only exclusive enterprise of its character in the City. She has had a fine success from the very beginning. She has a perfect knowledge of every department of the industry, carries a most excellent line of goods, and is a teacher of art embroidery and fancy work of all kinds. It is a rare treat to go through her stock and see the many handsome things on display. She is very reasonable in her prices.

W. H. H. NEEDY. —Jeweler and Optician, N. & W. Watch Inspector, No. 64 West Washington Street. In writing up the general business interests of Hagerstown, it is well that we should make favorable mention of this popular business. The proprietor, Mr. W. H. H. Needy, is a native of this County, and has been established in the business for 14 years. He has occupied the present location for about six years. The store is finely appointed throughout, and stocked with handsome lines of reliable ware including the finest makes of watches, fashionable jewelry, cut glass, hand-painted china, sterling silver, etc. In the rear is a finely fitted Optical Parlor. Mr. Needy is a young man and generally regarded as one of our most successful merchants.


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Clarence E. Weaver

Illustration: Zion Reformed Church.


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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