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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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STOUFFER, HARMAN & MUSEY.—Men's outfitters and ladies' shoes. This is one of the fine and up-to-date stores of Hagerstown. It occupies a central and ideal location in the Updegraff building on West Washington Street. This fine store has a depth of 230 feet, and it is stocked to repletion with very handsome lines of men's and ladies' shoes, trunks and valises. The business has been established since 1848, and the present firm succeeded George Updegraff & Son, about five years ago. The members of the firm are, Messrs. Harry McC. Stouffer, J. F. Harman and Reuben Musey, all men of prominence in business and social circles, and who are very popular with the trade. They take an active interest in all movements for the upbuilding of the City. Before becoming proprietors of this store they were identified with the house for many years as employees, and are therefore widely known and thoroughly familiar with the trade.

CRAWFORD AUTOMOBILE COMPANY.—In this review of the city it is well to make mention of the more prominent concerns that are making Hagerstown famous as a great and growing manufacturing center. The above company manufactures the famous "Crawford" automobile and employment is here given to perhaps 150 highly skilled men who are thoroughly versed in the automobile industry. An immense plant is occupied, thoroughly equipped with modern machinery and the business is steadily growing. This company has a paid up capital stock of $100,000.00. Mr. M. P. Moller is president and Mr. George D. Crawford is secretary and treasurer. As regards fine details and finish, beauty and construction, the "Crawford" is fully abreast of the times and the equal of any machine on the market today.

JOHN O. LEISTER.—This gentleman deals in all kinds of Anthracite, Bituminous and Pocahontas Coal, sawed and split wood and cement. He is located on West Lee Street, and has both 'phones. This is one of the largest coal dealers in the City. The yards comprise a large area and are completely equipped with all necessary facilities including a special railroad siding. The very best grades of coal and wood are handled, and a very large business is transacted during the winter season. Mr. Leister has been established in the business for about 22 years, and he has built up a business second to none. He is a gentleman of high standing in commercial and social circles, and is a great believer in the future of the City. He is doing all he can to help make the City bigger and better. When you want coal or wood, see him.

J. G. McCRORY & COMPANY, Five and Ten Cent Store, No. 46-48 West Washington Street. The business of this Company has been established for about 10 years, and it has grown very rapidly. The buying headquarters is located in New York City. Some 75 stores are now in operation throughout the country. The Hagerstown branch is under very successful management of Mr. F. M. Henkelman. He has been at this place since February, and is keeping up the reputation of the house among the leading Five and Ten Cent Stores of its character. At this store we find an unusually handsome assortment of useful and ornamental goods for the very reasonable prices of Five and Ten Cents. This store adds wonderfully to the shopping advantages of Hagerstown and is deserving of patronage.

THE HAGERSTOWN LUNCH & DINING ROOM.—This fine and handsome place is located at No. 24 West Washington Street, almost in the very heart of the business district of Hagerstown, and it is one of the most popular places in the city at which to obtain good things to eat and the very best coffee in the State. It is in reality a classy place for classy people. Many tables are reserved for ladies, and gents. The bill of fare contains everything in season, and the service is the very best that one could possibly wish for. It is open day and night. Mr. Chris Gregory is Proprietor, and he has an expert knowledge of how to conduct a high-class business of this kind, and is meeting with success. He has many friends and is popular with the general trade.

RAUTH BROTHERS, Clothiers, Tailors and Gents' Furnishers. Among the handsome stores of the city is that of Rauth Brothers, located at No. 17 West Washington Street, and owned and conducted by Mr. Chas. W. Rauth. The business has been established since 1885, and Mr. Chas. W. Rauth has owned the business for fifteen years. The premises include two large floors, and here an immense stock of high-grade clothing and gents' furnishings is carried. Special attention is also given to the tailoring department. Only the very best class of goods is handled, and much of the fine trade of the City makes this store their headquarters. Mr. Rauth is highly popular with the trade, and is in a position to entirely satisfy the wants of his patrons, since he makes a thorough study of the business in all its branches. Mr. Rauth thinks Hagerstown a very fine City, and he is doing all he can to develop the best interests of the city.

T. B. RINGER, Cleaner, Dyer and Merchant Tailor, No. 40 South Jonathan Street. No one in the City is more widely known than Mr. T. B. Ringer, who has had an experience of 42 years in the merchant tailoring business, and it may be said that he has learned nearly all there is to be known about this line. He is an expert cutter and fitter, and turns out beautiful suits. He makes a specialty of high-grade tailoring, and has many patrons. Mr. Ringer has been a resident of this City for 30 years, and has been established as above for 15 years. He is a native of this County. His son, Mr. T. B. Ringer, Jr., who is an expert cleaner and dyer, has charge of the cleaning and dyeing department. All work in this department is executed with entire satisfaction to patrons. It is equipped with the "Greever" steam pressing machine, the best and most thoroughly sanitary pressing machine in the world.

MAIN FURNITURE COMPANY, Manufacturer of Chamber Suits, Sideboards, Dressers—Office, Show Rooms, and Factory, Corner Spruce and Garrett Streets. Every article manufactured in Hagerstown and sent to the trade throughout the world is a standing advertisement for the City. They tell in plainer language than words, of the magnitude and diversification of our manufacturing interests. One of the thoroughly active concerns in its line, and one of the largest in this section of the country is that operated by the Main Furniture Company. From a mechanical standpoint the plant is perfectly equipped, having every modern device and appliance installed that could in any way facilitate and improve the manufacture of high-grade Chamber Suits, Sideboards and Dressers. Modern ideas, methods, and machinery, coupled with wide, technical and practical knowledge, and well directed business effort, have been the means whereby this company has achieved success. Unquestioned integrity in its dealings with the trade and the public, generally, using the best of materials and energetic in placing the wares upon the market have built up for the Company a substantial business and an honored reputation. A large number of skilled men are constantly employed, and the finished products of the Company are shipped throughout a large number of States. The members of the Company are, Mr. M. L. Main, General Manager of the business, and his two sons, Messrs. G. F. Main and C. L. Main. The management keeps fully abreast of the times in producing the very latest styles of furniture at popular prices.


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Clarence E. Weaver

Illustration: Main Furniture Factory.


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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