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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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MISS A. L. BURHANS, Millinery, No. 19 West Washington Street, Kohler Building. In every city Dame Fashion chooses some one place from which to dispense her choicest and latest gifts to fair womankind, and in Hagerstown we find her holding court at the above popular emporium. This store is certainly abreast with the age in meeting the requirements of the most intelligent and cultured for the beautiful in design in strictly high-grade millinery. The current fashions are closely followed, and the creations are of the highest artistic construction and are elaborate and elegant in material and execution. Whatever Paris and New York, with their whims and fancies, herald throughout the world as the correct thing, Miss Burhans offers that to her customers while it is yet new and stylish. Her stock is most expensive and elegant at all times. Miss Burhans has occupied the position of leadership for ten years, and during the busy season gives employment to a large number of skilled milliners and sales ladies.

J. C. ROULETTE & SONS, Proprietors of the R. A. Knitting Mills, manufacturers of Ladies' Fine Ribbed Underwear. This great manufacturing plant occupies a foremost position among the long list of successful institutions located in Hagerstown and is an evidence of the wonderful advantages offered by the city as a manufacturing center. This business has been successfully operated since 1888 and the products of the concern find sale throughout the United States. The plant is perfectly appointed throughout with high machinery and employment is given to a force of between 300 and 400 skilled operatives.

BLUE RIDGE KNITTING COMPANY.—Manufacturers of fine seamless hosiery. That Hagerstown is a wonderful manufacturing city, it is only necessary to make mention of some of the many large plants in successful operation here. Among the list is that of the Blue Ridge Knitting Company which has been established for a number of years. An immense building is occupied, 28x240 feet in dimensions, four stories high. The plant is well equipped throughout with all the necessary machinery in this line and employment is given to 200 people. The products find sale throughout the United States.

A. J. KLINKHART, Architect, No. 19 West Washington Street, Kohler Building. Mr. Klinkhart is a native of New York City, and is a graduate of the Cornell University. He came to Hagerstown about four years ago, and is today recognized as one of the leading architects in this place. He is constantly busily engaged in devising designs and preparing plans and specifications for structures of all kind which are noted for their beauty, adaptability and exactness. No architect gives closer or more faithful attention to the interests of his clients. Mr. Klinkhart has made a thorough study of architecture in all its branches, and there is nothing known in ancient or modern plants that is not an open book to him.

THOMAS H. PORTER—Manufacturer of fine cigars, jobber of cigarettes, pipes, smokers' articles and playing cards, No. 11 West Washington Street, both 'phones. Hagerstown has become noted as being the headquarters for many large and very progressive enterprises of various kinds. Among the list the house of Thomas H. Porter is worthy of special note. He has been established for a period of 19 years, and has built up a great business, both wholesale and retail, and his products are in great demand throughout Maryland and parts of Virginia and West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. He uses the very finest materials and gives employment to thirty people in the factory. A large three-story building is occupied, perfectly appointed throughout. His leading brands are Noblesse, Rosa Linda, Bueno de Porter, St. Aldegonde, Lord Dane, Old Plantation.

SEMPELES BROS.—This firm conducts the leading confectionery business in Hagerstown. Special attention is given to the manufacture of all kinds of fine confections, chocolates, bon bons, and ice cream; both the wholesale and retail business is transacted. This store is located at No. 68 West Washington Street, with telephone, C. & P. 197-R. The business has been established for about ten years, and Mr. Eustace Sempeles is now the Proprietor. He is a very popular young man, and has a thorough knowledge of the business. The store is very handsomely fitted up with a fine Soda Fountain, electric fans, electric lights, and ice cream parlor in rear. The leading gentlemen and ladies of the City make this place their headquarters.

H. C. FOLTZ, Engineer, Founder and Machinist. Machinists' supplies of every description, manufacturer of "I. X. L." Lifting Jacks, and galvanized patent steel stock troughs, jobber in pipe fittings, valves, pulleys, shafting, hangers, belting, hose, packing, etc. This is an old business, and has been established since 1882 by Mr. H. C. Foltz who has conducted the business very successfully from the beginning down to the present time. His son, Mr. Robert Foltz, takes a very active part in the management of the business. He is a young man and thoroughly familiar with every detail of the enterprise, and is keeping up the established reputation of the house for fair and square methods and strictly reliable progress. This is a very important house and has helped to make Hagerstown the great City she is today. Mr. Foltz owns the handsome Foltz Apartments, S. E. Corner Washington and Locust Sts., and at the present writing he is preparing plans for the erection of a similar building at the S. W. Corner of same streets.

HAGERSTOWN FURNITURE COMPANY, manufacturers of Extension Tables and Stands. This is one of the large manufacturing plants of the town and has been established since 1885. The buildings now occupy some 10 or 12 acres of ground and employment is given to more than 200 skilled men. This company's products are shipped to many points throughout the United States. The company also has some export trade. The success of this enterprise as well as the success of all the other manufacturing enterprises in the city shows that Hagerstown is a great and growing manufacturing center.

ANTIETAM CAFE.—The proprietor of this place is Mr. J. J. Schlotterbeck, who has been running the business for about 3 years. He is widely and favorably known throughout Hagerstown and vicinity, and enjoys a fine patronage. The place is located on Summit Avenue, next to the New Post Office building and the Antietam Fire Company. This place is nicely fitted up and everything is clean and kept in perfect condition. The proprietor deals in all kinds of high-grade liquors, and has all the leading brands of beer on draught. This is a pleasant place to visit, and Mr. Schlottebeck does his utmost to give the trade satisfaction. Orders are taken and delivered promptly.


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Clarence E. Weaver

Entrance to Antietam National Cemetery, Old National Bridge Over Antietam Creek; Poultry Bldg., Great Hagerstown Fair; Entrance to Rose Hill Cemetery.


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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