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Story of Hagerstown Maryland, 1911

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D. S. SNIVELY.—This gentleman is one of the most prominent wholesale fruit and product dealers in Western Maryland, and he is regarded as the "Apple King" of this part of the country. During the apple season he handles from 60,000 to 80,000 barrels, which are shipped to leading points throughout all sections of the country. His office and ware-house is located east of C. V. Freight Depot, and is one of the most perfect in this section of the country. It is four stories high, of brick construction, 50x106 feet in dimensions, with special railway siding, which gives every facility for the prompt receipt and shipping of orders. He also gives special attention to the manufacture of barrels, and handles all kinds of fruit packages. This is, indeed, a very large and growing business, and Mr. Snively has been established for many years. His name is widely known throughout many States, and he has helped wonderfully to develop the wholesale facilities of Hagerstown.

YOUNG'S CAFE.—This up-to-date Cafe is located at No. 41 South Jonathan Street, opposite the Hotel Dagmar. It has telephone connection, C. & P., 167-F. Mr. J. B. Young is the proprietor. He has been a resident of this City for the past 30 years, and has occupied his present position for the past 18 years. He is undoubtedly one of the most widely known men engaged in the business, and it has always been his aim to handle the very finest wines, liquors and beers. He conducts the business according to high ideas, and there is pleasure in visiting his establishment.

KNODLE'S ANTIQUE STORE.—Mr. Edward Knodle is the proprietor of this business, which he has been conducting for about 5 years. He is a native of this County, and has been a resident of the City for seven years. He is a buyer and seller of all kinds of antique furniture, old jewelry, old fire arms, and all kinds of antique wares. He also gives special attention to repairing furniture, upholstering and cleaning. He has in stock some very rare articles, and it is a great treat to visit this establishment and see the things therein displayed. Mr. Knodle is located at No. 27% S. Jonathan Street. If you have anything rare and old to sell, call him up by C. & P. Telephone No. 71-R.

HAGERSTOWN BREWING COMPANY.—The City of Hagerstown possesses its full share of the many good things of life, and not the least important is the magnificent Brewery of the Hagerstown Brewing Company of which Mr. Phillip Herrmann is President and Manager, and Mr. C. J. Herrmann is Secretary and Treasurer. This Brewery is noted for producing beer that is seldom equalled and never excelled, and good judges have pronounced this beer as good as if not better than beer brewed in other Cities which have attained great reputations and for which fancy prices are charged. The remarkable favor and great sale of the Hagerstown Beer speak not only volumes, but demonstrate its wholesomeness and strict purity of ingredients. The Company guarantees this beer to be made from the choicest hops and strictly eight-day malt, known in brewing science to be the best. This brewery is one of the finest in the State and is well worth a visit of inspection. It is a marvel of cleanliness throughout, and every precaution, no matter how expensive, that science knows for insuring purity has been installed. The Capital of the Company is $200,000.00 and the annual capacity of the Brewery is 50,000 barrels.

EDWARD KUHLMAN, COURT DINING ROOM.—This hole in the wall of a place is located at No. 7 Court Place, and is undoubtedly one of the most popular dining-rooms in the City. It has been established for about six years, and has become famous for its delightfully prepared home cooked meals, for the very reasonable price of 25 cents. The bill of fare contains everything in season, and short orders are a specialty at all hours. Mr. Edward Kuhlman is conducting the business with success, and is ably assisted by his good wife who is undoubtedly one of the best cooks in the whole City of Hagerstown. Her cooking never fails to please and satisfy, even the most exacting. The place is open from 5:30 a. m., to 8 p. m. Mr. and Mrs. Kuhlman have their residence at No. 319 South Potomac Street.

F. F. HENSON, Coal, Wood and Feed, No. 52-58 East Franklin Street. It is with pleasure that we make favorable mention of this well known business man. He is a native of the grand old State of Virginia, and has been established in Hagerstown for the past six years. He is a gentleman of high standing, and enjoys the full confidence of all who know him. Mr. Henson has great faith in the future of Hagerstown, and thinks that no City on earth is so dear and sweet to call home. He has developed a fine business, and deals exclusively in the better grades of coal, wood, and general feed. All orders promptly filled. Before coming to Hagerstown he was located in New York City engaged in the banking business on Wall Street.

CHARLES E. LOUT.—This gentleman is a dealer in Cordials, Wines, Liquors, Beer and Ale. He is located at No. 64 and No. 66 West Franklin Street, with both telephone connections. Mr. Lout is a native of Hagerstown, and has been established in the business for the past ten years. He is regarded as an expert in liquor quality, and handles only such liquors as he knows will give full and perfect satisfaction to his many patrons. In stock may be found many of the most famous brands on the market. The prices are always reasonable. Mr. Lout personally looks after the management of the enterprise, and there is genuine pleasure and satisfaction in purchasing goods of him. Mr. Lout has always been a lover of Hagerstown, and thinks this City is one of the best spots on earth to call home. He is doing all he can to help make the City bigger and better.


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Clarence E. Weaver

Illustration: Plant of The Hagerstown Brewing Co., Prospect Street, Kee-Mar College, Washington County Free Library, North Potomac Street.


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, Washington County Free Library

Original Size:
23 x 31 cms

Mail Publishing Co., Hagerstown

Business enterprises, Maryland, Hagerstown

Hagerstown (Md.), 1911

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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