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Washington Confederate Cemetery, Hagerstown Trust Co.

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did this on my own responsibility knowing what an improvement it would make in its appearance. On that colored granite you could hardly read the letters unless you were very close to them & when gilded show very plain, it is customary all over to gild them both here and in Scotland. I would also state they are well done & will stand for a long time. The bill for gilding is exactly what I charged you for it.

In relation to mens time they were exactly 4 ½ days in all & we charge (which is an old established rule) from the time they leave our works until they return counting working hours only which is the same as we pay them for. I have chg. you $4.00 per day. We have always chg.$5.00 per day & that is the rule. The workman we send is not a common cutter but as we term it a setter, who commands much higher wages (here) than an ordinary workman. The other man is a regular rigger who makes it a business to do such work & is employed by the trade in general to hoist heavy work. He has always charged us $5.00 a day For man & $5.00 for use of rigging which belongs to him but on this occasion had agreed to reduce it & I have chg. accordingly. Wether home or abroad we alwys chg. these prices & they would be considered low. Their board bill was nine dolls. & the $1.43 was for as they term it sundries, the amt being small I did not question them very closely as the one man has been in my employ for more than 25 years & have always found him honorable & true & always gives full satisfaction to my customers which I consider an item. If not satisfactory you can strike this off of amt. The freight bill on return bx was I think 3.80 & portage from Depot 75 cts making $4.55. The synopsis of the whole thing is the mont. has no doubt cost you more than you anticipated you being inexperienced in this line of business but to speak frankly I think you have got it exceedingly cheap, compared with some. By adding all the items to gether it has cost you minus freight & portage about 82.00 & if we were to set such a mont. in Laurell Hill Cemety here We could not do it under 100 to 125 dolls. By this you can see yours has not cost you so very much more – Hoping these explanations may make it satisfactory to all concerned.

I remain
Yours respt.
/s/ A. Steinmetz

N.B. Would be pleased to give you any further information you may desire


A. Steinmetz


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, WCFL

Sam Pruett, Hagerstown Civil War Roundtable

Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Registers of dead; Cemeteries, Maryland, Washington County; Confederate States of America, Army, Maryland.

Washington and Frederick Counties (Md.), 1868

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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