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Washington Confederate Cemetery Deed

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(Copied from the original hand written deed)

This deed made this 25th day of May Eighteen Hundred and Seventy two by Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown, "Washington County, Maryland, Witnesseth that for and in consideration of the sum of Two Thousand and Four Hundred Dollars paid them by Henry Kyd Douglas, George Freaner and James H. Gambrill Trustees of Washington Cemetery, appointed by the Governor of Maryland under and by virtue of Chapter 213 Acts 1870 of the General Assembly of Maryland, the said Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown does grant unto the said Washington Cemetery, the following property being a part of the grounds of said Rose Hill Cemetery, and beginning for the part hereby conveyed at a stone standing near the east side of the Turnpike Road leading from Hagerstown to Sharpsburg, and at the end of eight feet ten inches on a line drawn W 77° E from the south west corner of said Rose Hill Cemetery Grounds and running thence -parallel with the west line of said grounds and six feet seven inches distant there from W 31° E 429 feet to a stone, thence S 59° E 266 feet six inches to a stone on the west margin of "The Tour” thence running along the West Marginal line thereof south ward 288 feet to a stone, thence S 31° W 184 feet to a stone 6 feet and 7 Inches distant from the south line of said Rose Hill Cemetery grounds, thence N. 58° West 266 feet 6 inches to the place of beginning containing two acres and ninety-perches of land more or less, and the said Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown, for it self, its successor and assigns covenants with the said "Washington Cemetery” that the Trustees, Agents and employees of the said Washington Cemetery shall have at all times an unobstructed right of entrance upon and exit from the said portion of ground hereby conveyed through the gateway and roads of the said Rose Hill Cemetery Company and shall have full control over the same as required by the said Chapter 213 Acts 1870, of the General Assembly of Maryland, And the said Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown, for itself, its successors and assigns, further covenants that for the preservation, cleanliness and ornamentation of the ground hereby conveyed, they will bestow the same care and attention upon the same as they shall bestow upon the portion of Rose Hill Cemetery in their possession, and that it shall be the duty of the Managers and Keeper of said Rose Hill Cemetery to see that the grounds of Washington Cemetery are in no wise neglected, but that the covenant is faithfully complied with.

And the said "Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown" Warrants generally the property hereby conveyed.

In testimony whereof, we Benjamin A. Garlinger, M.S. Barber and William Updegraff a committee of the Board of Managers of Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown being duly authorized by an order of the Board, passed the 2nd day of May 1872, do hereunto subscribe our names and affix the common seal of said Rose Hill Cemetery of Hagerstown       
Test       Jas. A Skinner

/s/ Benj. A. Garling
/s/ M.S. Barber       
/s/ William Updegraff

State of Maryland, Washington County, to wit:

I hereby certify that on the 25th day of May A.D. 1872, before the subscriber a Justice of the Peace for the county and


Sam Pruett, Hagerstown Civil War Roundtable


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, WCFL

Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Registers of dead; Cemeteries, Maryland, Washington County; Confederate States of America, Army, Maryland.

Washington and Frederick Counties (Md.), 1868

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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