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Civil War in Maryland
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Washington Confederate Cemetery, Hagerstown. Maryland

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CoxsonNameCoxsonStateBowieNameBowieCompanyStateStateNameStateRank StateCompanyStateNotes
Spratling, J.AlabamaSpradling, J.13th AlaAlaSpradlin, JosephCo. I, 13th Ala, InfBorn Fayette County, Ga 28 yrs old. Killed at Sharpsburg 09-17-1862.
Starr, H. A.South Carolina
Stedman, B. M.North CarolinaStedman, B. M.Co. G, 48th NC NCStedman, B.M.Co. G, 48th NCMortally wounded Sharpsburg. Died 10-19-1862. Buried Mt. Olivet
Stoan, J. (or Sload), 10th La
Stokes, J.VirginiaStokes, John49th VaVaStokes, John W.PvtCo. D, 49th Va
Stone, W.North CarolinaStone, W.3d NC NCStone, W.-, 3rd NCMortally wounded Sharpsburg 09-17-1862
Stoner (or Stover) Lt. ColonelNorth Carolina
StriderNorth CarolinaStrider, J.14th NC.NCStryder, I.Co. D, 14th NCMortally wounded Sharpsburg 09-17-1862
Strong, ColonelSouth Carolina
Strong, ColonelLouisianaStrong, Col.LaStrong, HenryCol6th Laof New Orleans. O.R. Vol 19, p1, p 806, 974.
Stubbs, J.South CarolinaStubbs, J.23d SC.
Tall, R. B.TexasTall, R B4th TexasTX - no one with this name
Tallicum, ASouth CarolinaTillacum, A.Co. A, 5th SC
Taylor, R. N.MississippiTaylor, R N.11th Miss MissTaylor, RobertPvtCo. A, 11th Miss Inf.
Teter, D. W.VirginiaTeter, D.W.32d VaVaTeter, Daniel W.4th CorpCo. A, 52nd Va
Thompson, J. H.North CarolinaThompson, J. H.1st NC NCThompson, J.H.Co. B, 1st NCMortally wounded Sharpsburg 09-17-1862
Thompson, J., 10th LALouisianaThompson, J.Co. H, 10th La Died Oct. 15, 1862.
Tillywill, SolomonSouth CarolinaTillyville, SolomonCo. E, 1st SC
Towley , EzraMississippiTowle, Ezra40th Miss
(or Towdey or Townley)
Turner, H.MississippiTurner, H.11th Miss MissTurner, HezekiahPvtCo. G. 11th Miss Inf.


Sam Pruett, Hagerstown Civil War Roundtable

Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, WCFL

Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Registers of dead; Cemeteries, Maryland, Washington County; Confederate States of America, Army, Maryland.

Washington and Frederick Counties (Md.), 1868

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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