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Mumma in Boonsboro, July 1874

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Taking up Confederate Dead.—

On Monday of last week, Mr. Henry C. Mumma resumed the work of exhuming the remains of the confederate dead who fell in the South Mountain battle, and other conflicts in this county, or died in hospitals, and were buried here. Up to the beginning of this month 255 bodies had been taken up. In four days 15 were removed, among them Wm. White, 1st Reg't Ga. Vol.; Wm. Cooly, 1st Reg. Ga. Vol.; John W. Dolan, 26th Reg. Ga. Vol.

On Friday he took up on Mrs. Hoffman's farm, the remains of 25. Their names have been handed to us by Mr. Mumma, and are as follows :
J. B. Walker Co A La.Reg
J. W. Bryant 5th Reg, Ga
Lieut J. F. Bryant 6th Ala.
L. Parker 23d Reg Ga.
C, M. Fontenberry 26th Reg Ala.
O. Johns 5th Reg Ala.
Thomas Gee 5th Reg Ala.
M. Furgison. 23d Reg Ga
T. Nott 23d Reg Ga.
J. N. Philips 28th Reg Ga
T. J. Ward. 6th Reg Ala
Lieut. A. A. Scott 6th Reg Ala.
H. L. Tucker 26th Reg Ala.
C. H. Moore 26th Reg Ala.
C. M. Smith 26th Reg Ala.
M.D. Jackson 5th Reg Ala.
G. B. Wright 5th Reg Ala.
J. McKee 23d Reg Ga
Thomas McElwie 23d Reg Ga
J. Wetherly 23d Reg Ga
T. E. Blichington 28th Reg Ga.
W. Thomas 23d Reg Ga.
J. B. Lacy 6th Reg Ala
A. W. Maxell 6th Reg Ala
W. D. Jackson 5th Reg Ala.

On Tuesday Mr. Mumma commenced taking up the dead who were buried in town. In the rear of the Disciples' Church sixteen were found. Those died in the hospitals, and were buried separately. These are the names as furnished us from a printed record :
J. S. Christian, 28th Va.
J. T. Wise, 23d S. C.
—Reynold, 28th Va.
J. O. Kounce, 2d Va.
Professor Phinx,
Jas. Cole, Co. G, 7th Va.
S. S. Keenan, Co. F, 23 Ga.
Sarg't T. M. Garland, 50th Ga.
J. J. Carver, 50th Ga.
E. F. Johnson.
       McClendon, Co. I, 57th Ga.
Thos. Lowell, 8th Fla.
C. L. Atkins, Co. G, 7th Va.
J. H. Hedrick.
Winfield Ivery, 51st Ga.
W. S. Hill, S. C.
In the M. E. Parsonage lot was found the remains of Capt. Abbott, of Va.
Three "unknown" bodies were taken from Mr. Gantz's meadow, and one at Christian Easterday's.—Odd Fellow.


Herald and Torch Light

The names from Mrs. Hoffman's farm and the Disciples Church in Boonsboro do appear on the Bowie list but not on Coxson's list. Capt. Abbott does not appear on either list.


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, WCFL

Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Registers of dead; Cemeteries, Maryland, Washington County; Confederate States of America, Army, Maryland.

Washington and Frederick Counties (Md.), 1868

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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