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Mumma - Confederates from Funkstown & the Almshouse, August 1874

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Confederate Dead.—Mr. Henry C. Mumma furnishes us with the following list of Confederate dead, whoso bodies have been recovered during the week, up to Tuesday. He is still actively engaged in this work:

Tunker Grave-yard, Funkstown.
W. L. Calhoun, Co. I, 5th Reg. Ala
George Williams, North Carolina.

Stover's Farm, near Funkstown.
Sergt. George Brooks, Georgia.
Capt. Mitchel,
Six Unknown.

Lutheran Grave-yard, Funkstown.
Fulford, Co. I, 59th Reg; Ga.
W. B. Henderson, "

Scattered about Funkstown.
George Green, 10th Reg., Ga.
Capt. Riley, 4th Reg Va.
Nine Unknown.
David O. King, 1st Va.

Alms-House Lot, Hagerstown.
Lieut. Christian, West Va.
W. H. Nann, Co. B, 20th N. C.
E. H. Counce, Co. I, 14th N.C.
Geo. Snyther, Go. G, 14th N. C.
Five Unknown.
Lieut. J. Elliott, 1st N. C, died July 28, '63.
J. W. Wilson, 5th N. C, died July 28, '63.
W. H. Dunn, 10th Alabama.
Franklin Cunningham, 3d West Va.
J. D. Gray, 37th Virginia.
H. Rowell, Co. E, 4th Ala.
E. M. Conoway, Co. H. 13th Ala.
H. Watkins, Ashby's Cavalry, Va.
T. B. Giaco, 19th Miss.
A. M. Plagason, Co. H, 6th N. C.
S. V. York, Co. A. 2d N. C.
John Reice, 5th Virginia.
Sergt. John McDowell, 55th N. C.
I. J. Edwards,       "
A. B. Nevlin, 13th Virginia.
Lynch, died Sept. 6, 1863.
Alexandria Cune, Co. B, 50th Va.
Lieut. J. B. O'Neal, Co. F, 3d S. C.
J. D. Smith, of Tennessee.
R. I. Little, Co. E, 13th N. C.
F. R. Gregory, Mississippi.
William Peerey, N. C.
Nine Unknown. —Mail.


Herald and Torch Light

Two of the men buried at the Alms House were listed in a October 8, 1862 article: Deaths at the Hospital in this Town.— We are indebted lo Charles G. Lane, Esq., undertaker, for the following list of deaths, which occurred at the Hospital in this town, from which it will be seen that three of the number were rebels:— Sept. 19—Elisha King, 8th Florida reg't'; Sept. 20—William B. Eben, Reading, Pa.; Sept, 20— Andrew W. Smith, 49th Pa. reg't.; Sept. 22—E. j H. Counts, 14th North Carolina reg't. ; Sept. 22—Alfred W. Davis, 15th Massachusetts reg't.; Sept. 23—Albert Kennedy, 11th Pa. reg't. ; Sept. 24—Samuel Collins, 7th Michigan reg't.; Sept. 26—Capt. Merkle, 20th New York reg't.; Sept. 28—Samuel L. Ball, 72d Pa. reg't.; Sept. 27—Andrew Labaugh, Newport, Pa.; Sept. 28 —Wm. H. I Nann, 11th Alabama reg't.; Sept. 28—Christopher Shurtz, 130th Pa. reg't.


Collection Location:
Western Maryland Room, WCFL

Maryland, History, Civil War, 1861-1865, Registers of dead; Cemeteries, Maryland, Washington County; Confederate States of America, Army, Maryland.

Washington and Frederick Counties (Md.), 1868

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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