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Notes on George's Creek, page 6

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"Here we are at Midland. It acquired its name from the fact that it lies about midway between Lonaconing and Frostburg. One should take a trip to the top of Dan's Mountain. Here one obtains the most spectacular view of Allegany County. One can obtain free view of both the Potomac and Georges Creek valleys. The word-descriptions of this unsurpassable view, such as those of Father Stanton, and the Bentztown Bard, Folger McKinsey, should be read in every school-room. After getting down from Dan's Mountain the next settlement we approach is Gilmore, which until a few years ago was known as 'The Tannery.' Peter Peebles, an old resident, had established a tannery in that place."       {From Allegany Almanack)

The first Catholic Mass was celebrated in Allegany County, Maryland, in Georges Creek at Knapp's Meadows, according to tradition. It was said in the home of a family who lived in a stone house. The name of the family is not known, nor the date. It must have been in connection with Father Cahill's first visit.

"And now as we drive through Knapp's Meadows we approach one of the most unusual towns in the United States. Coney, or Lonaconing, has turned out more well-known citizens than any other town in the United States. A Bishop, John Gardner Murray; a General, James Mclndow (died in France, February, 1919); a Blood Specialist, Dr. John Kolmer; a Statesman, Binger Herman, Congressman; a famous country doctor, Dr. G. Ellis Porter, famous because of his healing of broken bones of Civil War soldiers; a Noted Sculptor, George Conlon of Paris, brother of Thomas Conlon, former Mayor and now Postmaster of Cumberland, Maryland; a long-term school principal, Arthur F. Smith; a World's Champion Baseball Pitcher, Robert Moses (Lefty) Grove; a Chief Judge, D. Lindley Sloan, Chief Judge of the Fourth Judiciary and Court of Appeals of Maryland.

"Going down Georges Creek from Lonaconing there are many villages, each with a history associated with coal: Pekin, Moscow, Barton, Morrison, Reynolds, Bugtown, Phoenix, and Franklin. Westernport at first was known as "Hard Scrabble" which indicates that the early settlers must have had a hard time scratching out a living from the mountainous farms. Westernport history dates back to Colonial days. It was a stop-over on one of the earliest roads connecting the Potomac Valley with that of the Ohio, thus crossing the mountains through what is now Garrett County.

"Going down the river from Westernport one comes to McCoole. There one follows the general course of the Potomac but at a space much further removed. Between McCoole and Cumberland one goes through the villages of Dawson, Rawlings, and Cresaptown—and if one turned to the right, between Rawlings and Cresaptown one would come to the village of Pinto.

"It is surprising how many small communities there are in Allegany County, all having an interesting history." {From Allegany Almanack)


Felix G. Robinson


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Maryland, History


Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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