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Pompey Smash, page 2

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There was a place called Meadow Row, a place we called the Tank
Where people came for water and horses often drank.
It was pure mountain water, for everyone 'twas free;
It came from a mountain sand spring piped through to Number Three.

Then there was the spring at Sleemans, 'twas known as the spout;
Just long side the lower road the wooden pipe came out.
There was Bill Fatkin's Blacksmith Shop, Walt Parker's General Store
Where Mr. Parker and Squire Finn played checkers near the door.

There is the old Hibernian Hall, Willie Martin's Grocery Store
Pat Pryle's across from Cole's Shoe Shop, John Drum's place was next door.
Many a good old fashioned dance I've seen there at the Hall;
Swing your partners right and left you'd hear Muff Maher call.

The Colleens were the fairest you'd find most anywhere;
How the boys and girls would strut about at the old Hibernian Fair.
The old home town has changed a lot since I was just a kid;
They even changed the name a bit—what matters if they did?

The people haven't changed at all; they're friends of royal blue;
They'll lend a hand when trouble comes, and help you see it through.
They'll help you out in trying times, they'll do what'er they can;
There's not a better lot of folks in the State of Maryland.

Most all the older folks are gone; for them we've shed our tears;
For those who toiled and labored here throughout the early years.
These folks were our forefathers, pioneers they were I say;
They didn't have the many things that we enjoy today.

They didn't have the modern things that we enjoy 'tis true;
The men walked miles to their work, walked home again when through.
My very deep respect for them, my best regard for all,
To each and everyone who lives where Pompey had his fall.

I was born in Pompey; for me that's no disgrace,
In a little old log shanty next door to Radcliffe's place.
The old log house is standing, though almost tumbled down;
That was the place we called home in Pompey Town.

Let's drink a toast to the old home town, Vale Summit is now the name;
But for me and lots of older folks it's Pompey just the same.


J. A. Blubaugh


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Editor: Felix G. Robinson

Maryland, History


Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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