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The Itinerant Perikomian page 4

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"In the year 1892, my father, John T. Steyer, purchased this 96 acres of land. Just a few years previous to this purchase, the timber had been a virgin stand but had been clear-cut before my father acquired it. Clear cutting in that day was quite different from what it is today, since only choice trees were removed. Several species, such as maple, chestnut, hickory and others had very little or no market value. These were left standing and became a source of income to the owner as these species of wood became more and more useful and the demand for them increased.

"Father reared a large family, and when extra cash was needed through the years, he would cut pulpwood and hew railroad ties, for which he always had a ready market.

"In 1915, he sold this timber. The writer supervised the cutting. Trees that were large enough (14 to 16 inches in diameter) were made into crossties, and larger trees were considered saw timber. Care was taken not to damage the small timber when felling the larger trees. Trees that if left to grow would make several ties in a few years, were not cut. This rule was applied to all timber cut. In this cutting we removed more than 200,000 board feet. The following year we loaded out several car loads of pulpwood which was cut from the tops of the previously felled trees.

"In 1932, this timberland produced another 200,000 board feet of lumber, using the same method of selective cutting.

"After father's death, the writer purchased this land from the Estate in 1946. I have been using the same method of selective cutting, which the family used for nearly 50 years. We knew nothing then of a scientific meth-


Felix G. Robinson

Ice skating on the Potomac near Riverside Park, circa 1890. This was among the important social events of the winter season at that time. Men and women, together with children joined in various ice frolics. The adults and children often dressed formally for the occasion, the men wearing high silk hats. From Herman J. Miller Collection of historical pictures.


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Maryland, History


Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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