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West Virginia. To describe the innumerable features of this structure would require a lengthy treatise. Perhaps the most outstanding feature is the Chancel Window comprised of fifteen panels created by Henry Lee Willet of Philadelphia. This window has been constructed from an entirely different basic principle from that which has ever before been employed in the manufacture of stained glass.

POCAHONTAS TIMES REPORTS on October 22, 1953: Last Friday evening, around 6:30 o’clock, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Hiner, of Mountain Grove, saw a good sized bear running in front of their car, along the side of the road by the Rider Field, near the Rider Gap of Allegheny Mountain. They were driving along, keeping well up with the bear and meaning no harm. Just then the bear took it in his head to cross the road and head back in Lockridge Mountain. With a shocking bump the middle of the front bumper struck the head of the bear and his heavy hind quarters. It put the big bumper out of line and crumpled the left fender. The bear was shoved to one side, and was not run over. He gave out a loud bawl, as he recovered himself and skurried the few yards into the forest.

THE ALLEGANY MOUNTAIN MUSEUM. One man, Mr. J. N. Morrissey, has collected more valuable relics of the Allegheny Mountains than are to be found in any other one spot. The following is an article, with editorial emendations, appearing in the feature section of The Baltimore Sun, March 27, 1949, by Raymond B. O'Rourke:

The owner, curator, collector and guide of the only museum west of Hagerstown in Maryland is a former taxi driver, car polisher and test-car driver. Fifty-five year old John N. ("Red") Morrissey's Mountain Museum is a "very special device to make the eyes of sightseers pop right out of their heads." A treasure house of relics is housed in a large, comfortable, old frame building within a stone's throw of the National Pike in the village of Eckhart. Amazement begins for the first-time-visitor after the pearl button on the doorway is pressed. The melody of Bavarian chimes is heard faintly inside. The door is swung open by a large, ruddy complexioned man, silhouetted against a room ablaze with beauty. The sparkle of cut glass, and prisms, the glaze of old china, the golden glow of burnished brass, the highly polished copper mugs, the satiny sheen of fine old furniture—all blend into the warmth of "Red" Morrissey's greeting.

One of the first things seen is a grandfather's clock that came from the home of Thomas Johnson, member of the Continental Congress from Maryland, who nominated George Washington for commander-in-chief of the Revolutionary Army. Johnson later became the first elected Governor of Maryland. A little further one observes a massive settee. "Lafayette


J. William Hunt


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Editor: Felix G. Robinson

Maryland, History


Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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