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Allegany County dead World War II

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Gratefully Dedicated to the Memory of Those
From Allegany County, Maryland, Who, in
World War II, Made the Supreme Sacrifice

Ambrose, Sgt. Peter J.
Armbruster, Lt. Glenn L.
Athey, Air Cadet Milton W.
Bantz, T./Sgt. Charles O.
Barrett, Staff Sgt. Frank H.
Bennett, Pvt. Floyd W.
Bohrer, Lt. Kenneth C.
Boor, Sgt. Harold
Boor, Lt. Lloyd
Bradshaw, Pvt. Charles R.
Brinkman, Pvt. Dorn B.
Broadwater, Pvt. Asa W.
Brown, Lt. James W.
Burton, Pfc. Glenn
Chase, Pfc. Leroy W.
Cline, Pvt. Charles W.
Crabtree, Sgt. Maurice Edwin
Cromwell, Lt. Eldred A.
Crowe, Pfc. Milton J.
Cubbage, Pfc. Morris A.
Dauphin, Sgt. Carl A.
Dickinson, Pvt. Wm. H.
Driscoll, Pvt. Arlinton L.
Eckhard, Pvt. Ernest
Estes, Roland Ashby
Fansler, Pvt. George E.
Finan, Lt. Francis K.
Fletcher, Marshall Alexander
Fogle, Lt. Jefferson B.
Forbeck, Sgt. James A.
Golden, Pvt. Clyde E.
Gordon, Pvt. Paul C.
Graham, Lt. Fred E.
Hamburg, Leo T.
Hamilton, Cpl. Melvin A.
Harden, Staff Sgt. Dixie R.
Hartman, Pfc. George E.
Hensel, Sgt. Charles H.
Himmelwright, Staff Sgt. Orville E.
Hosey, Staff Sgt. William Fred
Huffman, Sgt. Ralph
Jankey, T./Sgt. John M.
Kelley, Pfc. Garrett Eugene
Kenney, Sgt. James Donald
Kesecker, Pvt. Ronald F.
Kirby, Pvt. Harry E.
Kirby, Staff Sgt. Wm. C.
Kolb, Pfc. Douglas P.
Kunes, MMM. Floyd, Jr.
Laffey, Pfc. James R.
Lehman, Pvt. Franklin P.
Lehman, Pfc. Wm. J.
Lewis, Lt. Joshua
Lindner, Pfc. Charles E.
Lloyd, Pvt. Joseph B.
Long, Cpl. Andrew G.
McMullen, Pvt. Hugh A., Ill
MacDonald, David Edgar
Mortzfeldt, Pfc. Edward D.
Mosser, Pvt. Charles W.
Newbraugh, Pfc. Clifford Carroll
Nierman, Staff Sgt. Richard L.
O'Neal, Pfc. Coyle Joseph
Oster, Pvt. W. Max
Polle, Cpl. Benjamin A., Jr.
Porter, Pvt. George R.
Redhead, Cpl. Melvin D.
Rinehart, Cpl. Robert L.
Rhoades, Staff Sgt. Richard M.
Sarver, Sgt. Homer
Shaffer, Lt. Charles Robert
Shank, Sgt. Aaron D.
Smith, Flight Officer Edwin W.
Snider, Pvt. Paul S.
Spicer, Pvt. Edward Orville
Stevey, Charles W.
Stitcher, Pvt. Carl
Street, Cpl. Arnold L.
Sturtz, Pvt. Melvin S.
Tambolleo, Petty Officer Victor
Thorpe, Pfc. William S.
Trenton, Lt. Gerald G.
Turner, Pvt. William E.
Valentine, Cpl. Wolford C.
Wallizer, Staff Sgt. Theodore R.
Wartzack, Pfc. Arthur W.
Weaver, Staff Sgt. Claude K.
Weimer, Pfc. Claude E.
Will, T. M. Thomas Alphonsus
Wilson, Pfc. Earl Kenneth
Wolford, Capt. John Louis
Zorman, Staff Sgt. Victor Paul

Beck, Ensign David
Boyer, Sgt. Evan
Brady, Pvt. Darby J.
DeVault, Pvt. Kenneth W.
Grimes, Pvt. Joseph J.
Grimes, Pvt. John M.


Clarence V. Burns

Compiled for the period, December 7, 1941 to November 1, 1944.


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Editor: Felix G. Robinson

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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