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Giant twins (Gortner) page 12

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Gortner. They lived in the Gauer loghouse until 1868 when Peter built nearby the white frame house now occupied by the Breuningers."

The Journal of Peter Gortner was written in German from 1841 to 1861. It was translated by the Rev. Henry W. Lenz, Dr. Leo Colmer and the writer in Detroit during the years of 1950 and 1951. It was a difficult task. The German script of one hundred years ago differed widely from that of today.

Mother told us children that during the Civil War they could hear the marching, shouting soldiers two miles away. Peter Gortner ordered his sons to drive all the stock to the thorn thicket down under the hill into the sugar grove. While this was taking place Mother Gortner and her daughters hid the woolen blankets in the rafters. The soldiers on arriving at the house demanded all the stock. Grandfather took the officers to the log barn. He led out a spavined horse and its foal. The officer said: "Is this all you have?" to which Peter replied: "This is all." The soldiers left with a growl instead of a chuckle.

In 1894 Grandfather and the writer were at work near the Giant Oak. They heard the loud shouts of men. Looking up they saw Coxy's army marching by on their way to Washington.

It was near this tree the writer once found some perfectly shaped flint arrowheads. Another incident, and a painful one, comes to mind. In June 1905 while two animals were grazing fifty feet south of the tree a severe electric storm struck near the tree and instantly killed our two


Rev. J. C. Breuninger

This picture was taken August 20, 1961 in a field of buckwheat near New Boston, Michigan. Courtesy, A. Vernon Regehr, Inman, Kansas.


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Editor: Felix G. Robinson

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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