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Annals of Oakland, page 5

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A deep spring once sparkled about where Naylors store stands. It was quite a favorite trysting place for the belles and beaux of Oakland. One young lady in attempting to dip up a bucket full of water fell in on a cold winter day. She died of congestion of the brain in a few hours.

(Route 50)

TABLE ROCK was originally known as "Turkey's Nest" from the great number of wild turkeys which reared their young among its cliffs. The colonists of 1785 used to congregate there in the spring and gathered in a supply of eggs from that source.

The mountain, upon whose summit Table Rock is located, was named Mt. Cynthia for the reason that at the time the lines were run the moon was gleaming in full-orbed splendor above its crest.

The road (Northwestern Turnpike, Rt. 50) is fringed with a riot of feathery ferns up to the wheel tracks; and crystal springs gush out from the rocks, and run alongside, and across, dimpling and gurgling, till lost in a leafy tangle far below. Great rocks and crumbling trees lie clad in robes no loom of the Orient can rival; velvety mosses, dainty lichens, delicate tracery of vine and leaf covers the cool moist earth


Mae Yost

One of the places where early photographs were taken were upon the crests of the mountains. Table Rock was one of the most popular crests. This picture was taken February 6th, 1898. The ladies have got their man up a tree. This amusing shot was loaned by Mrs. John W. Davis, then Sarah Wilburn, who is standing nearest the tree. Mae Fullmer is standing in the left foreground; and Grace Wotring in the right foreground. She later became the wife of the man up the tree, Mr. William Ernest Shirer. Mr. Shirer's father established a tin shop here in 1866 which makes it the oldest firm in continuous operation.


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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