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Deer Park, page 9

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Emil F. Droege, Wm. Evans, Joseph Foster, John and Samuel W. Friend, Michael Garrett (father of Michael A. Garrett previously mentioned), Elijah and Jacob Hershberger (both of whom served in the Union Army in the Civil War and who had a water mill on the Little Yough opposite the Peter S. Garrett farm). Also listed were Robert J. Head, George Hill, Sebastian (Boss) Hinebaugh, Samuel C. Hoye (a Confederate veteran), Isaac King, Luke Male, Martin Maley, George Marley, (who will be mentioned later), George Marvel, John H. Miller, Garrett Moon, Joseph Nesbitt, James E. Paugli, James E. Paugh Jr., John Riley (who in August, 1880, at the age of 78, in a fit of despondency hanged himself in his barn on what later became the Andrew Pysell farm just north of Deer Park). The farmers' list concludes with the names of Mahlon and William Schooley, Joseph Speicher, L. A. and P. M. Stemple, Joseph Stevens, A. J. Stotelmeyer, James and Jeremiah Tasker, Daniel and J. W. Wilson, E. J. Willson and Lawrence Zwoll. The latter was an eccentric German who died some years ago on a little farm at Sand Flat.

By 1882 Dr. J. W. Laughlin had taken the place of Dr. Hocking and "Pete" Connell had been added to the list of storekeepers. The population meantime had increased to 250. The crossroads hamlet of Johnstown (now Hoyes) had suffered the loss of its postoffice, in charge of Daniel Smith (grandfather of Cecil Smith of Oakland), and Deer Park was shown as the postoffice for the little village 14 miles away. The population of Johnstown, incidentally, was but 20.

A remarkable resident of Deer Park was the venerable George Marley, mentioned above as a farmer in 1880. He was born at Stockton, England, April 1, 1836. As a lad he ran away from home about 1852 and became a sailor. He enlisted in a naval detachment at the time of the Civil War but soon was transferred to Company C of the 99th New York Infantry, serving until the end of the war. He was wounded twice at the battle of Cape Hatteras and participated in the battle of the Wilderness and other engagements. He was an interested spectator when the Monitor and the Merrimac fought their famous duel in Hampton Roads, March 9, 1862. He came to Deer Park in 1866, so he once told the writer, having been hired by Senator Davis to build the chimneys! of the summer home he then was erecting. Mr. Marley known to his associates as "Brother" because of his habit of referring to everyone indiscriminately by that appellation, did not use tobacco or intoxicants. A lifelong Democrat, he arose at 2:00 A. M. on election day in 1938 in order to be certain to get to the polls to cast his vote for David J. Lewis for United States Senator. He then was 102. Although his hearing became defective in later years, he retain


Robert Browning Garrett


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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