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Getty was the first State Senator (1874). Richard J. West and Dr. E. H. Glotfelty were the first elected members of the House of Delegates.

Richard Thomas Browning, son of William, grandson of Meschach, is credited as the chief factor in obtaining and permanently securing Oakland as the County Seat.

The people honored him by giving him the freedom to name the new county. He is credited as being the first to suggest it be named "Garrett" in honor of John W. Garrett. Col. James M. Schley in his speech at the Oakland Barbecue in 1872 also suggested the same. Mr. Browning was Tax Collector for Allegany County which then included Garrett. Having an intimate knowledge of the land and the people placed him in a strong position in advocating the formation of the county.

Garrett's present year around population is better than twenty thousand. The summer resident population is in the neighborhood of five thousand together with a much larger visitation of week-enders. Once occupied by lumber and mining communities a very small fraction of the wage-earners now make their living through these industries. Cold-weather crops and the conventional diversified agriculture provides the major economy. Among the largest farming communities are those of the Amish, one near Gortner and the other in the Grantsville area. Every section of the farming communities and the forests can be reached by excellent roads, a total of nine hundred thirty miles. !

The most remarkable asset of Garrett County is its climate and soil. Visitors from the time of Washington to the present have made special note of this. Yet it is hardly inaccurate to state that the present generation is aware of its uniqueness. For one thing the mean elevation of Garrett County is the average elevation above sea level for the entire earth. The balance of precipitation throughout the four seasons—the undulating terrain making for a continuous circulation of air prevents stagnation that is so often experienced over flat plains and along the coasts. The soil not only holds its moisture well but being rocky provides plenty of circulation. The season is short but everything in the way of fruit, vegetables and crops grows rapidly and plentifully. But the 'bounce' in the air, its comfortable temperatures, its purity and breeziness assist both native and 'foreigner' to gaze always with wistfulness on the forested hills and across the misty glades. On waking in the morning all growing things sparkle with dew—and at twilight one can wet one's feet on the return of dampness—keeping all life enjoying the chemistry of light, liquid and soil.

If you will look at the map of Garrett County you will notice


Felix G. Robinson


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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