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Deer Park, page 12

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the next attempts in this direction, by the Garrett County Telephone Company, which began operations about 1905.

For many years the Deer Park Hotel maintained its position as one of the finest and most exclusive summer hotels in the east. Among its guests were leaders and persons prominent in the social, industrial and political life of the country. In addition to those already mentioned may be recalled President Grant, who spent some time as an occupant of one of the cottages; Governor McKinley before he became President; William J. Bryan;* Li Hung Chang of China; Bishop Paret of the Episcopal Diocese of Maryland; Commander Richmond P. Hobson of Spanish-American War fame; Governor Frank Brown of Maryland; Countess Esterhazy of Austria; Senator Crump of Tennessee. About 1897 Captain Adrian C. Anson and his Chicago White Stockings, the predecessors of the Cubs of today, spent a holiday at Deer Park and it is recorded they played a game with a picked team at Oakland which they managed to win.

However, by about 1910 a change in people's habits had begun to show itself. The seashore previously had attracted Presidents Harrison and Arthur. The Adirondacks and Canada loomed up likewise as competitors of Deer Park. The iron horse began to notice that the rich man's toy, the motor vehicle, was multiplying rapidly. Macadam, brick and concrete were replacing mud roads. People were extending their summer vacation to include not one resort only, but several. No longer, it seemed, did they want to relax when on vacation. The automobile was being improved and brought to the point where it could be depended upon to transport a family within a relatively short time to places hitherto accessible only with considerable difficulty. The Hotel and Annexes began to operate at much less than capacity, and some of the cottages were standing vacant in summer.

With the death of Manager William E. Burwell in November,


LUNCHED WITH MR. BRYAN (from the Cumberland Times)— Messers John R. Hardie, W. P. Samples, T. E. Joyce, and W. R. D. Dent of this city (Grafton, W. Va.) were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin at Oakland on Sunday last. The gentlemen accepted an invitation to lunch with Mr. Bryan at the home of Col. McGraw at Deer Park, driving from Oakland to Deer Park over the beautiful mountain roads. There were present at the luncheon in addition to the five gentlemen, William Jennings Bryan, Senator Henry G. Davis, Senator Campbell, Governor Jennings of Florida, and Col. John McGraw. After the luncheon the party proceeded to Mountain Lake Park, where they observed the great audience shaking hands with Mr. Bryan. Afterwards they had dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Martin returning to their home on the accommodation.


Felix G. Robinson


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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