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Deer Park, page 13

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a pile of brick marks the site of a chimney. The old Camel boiler which for many years furnished steam and hot water for the hotel and laundry has been cut up for scrap. So, too, has the boiler at the swimming pool. The huge water tanks on the hill have disappeared and even the 5 inch cast iron pipe line which led from the pump house at the railroad to the tanks has been dug up for scrap.

The writer's uncle Michael, who as a young man was present when the Hotel was formally opened on July 3, 1873, as he looked across to the Davis fields beyond the railroad tracks where the tall grass was waving in the breeze, ventured the prediction that some of those present would live to see the day when the grass would be waving on the lawn in front of the Hotel. No one else was willing to admit that possibility, but he did live to see that day.

Today Deer Park is a town of 300 or 350 inhabitants. It is served by good roads and is the center of a farming community. Considerable coal is trucked from nearby stripping operations to a plant on the siding, where it is processed and loaded into railroad cars. There is little in the way of employment for the young people who as they grow up are forced to go to the already overcrowded cities in order to secure work. It seems too bad that just a little of the cities' industrial operations can not be transferred to this neighborhood, where one might work and live in comfort. True it is that it gets pretty chilly in the winter, the thermometer occasionally dropping to 20 or 30 degrees below zero, and the average annual snowfall is about 78 inches. The residents expect such things, however, and when inclement weather does come they are not too much disturbed, for they are provided for it. Perhaps the growing of cool weather crops, recently introduced to Garrett County, may help to solve Deer Park's problems. Anyhow, Deer Park, which without fanfare or celebration has entered upon its second century, faces the future and whatever it may bring with as much hope and determination as it did when the first little train of the Baltimore and Ohio arrived at its door in 1851.

The writer is grateful for the aid afforded him from various available sources. Among these are Scharfs History of Western Maryland, and files of The Baltimore Sun, the Oakland Republican and The Glades Star; also the Centennial History of Oakland, by Mrs. Thekla Fundenberg Weeks. Mrs. Belle Marley and Mr. Michael Madigan of Deer Park, Mr. John Albert Droege of New York, Mr. Robert Garrett of Baltimore and Mrs. Virginia Reilly, Research Librarian of The Bal-


Robert Browning Garrett


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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