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A hunt on Meadow Mountain and Deep Creek, page 3

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but finding nothing I returned to my canoe and was in the act of pushing off when I heard the wolf, as I took it to be, coming back.

Our canoe was lying in deep water in a place wider than the natural stream; and the unknown animal ran out on the high bank of the Creek whence he made a tremendous leap towards our canoe and struck the water a little before us. The force with which he jumped and the weight of his body drove up such a heavy wave of water in front of our canoe, and gave her such a sudden send backwards that I came very near falling headlong into the water with him; and had that been the case I should have fallen on him, or very nearly so.

On recovering my balance again seeing that he was determined to fight I stood a moment and as he rose a little and began to touch bottom I leveled my musket loaded with eighteen large shot which I had myself manufactured out of a bar of lead in a very rough manner, and fired at the unknown animal at the distance of only ten feet. He was rising out of the water no doubt with the intention of rushing into the canoe to attack me; but the heavy load of coarse shot striking him in the shoulder though too far forward to kill put him out of the notion of fighting, and as soon as he could he gained the shore when a noble young high-blooded dog sprang at him and into the high weeds and bushes they went fighting desperately.

We had left our moccasins and leggings close to our fire where we intended to end the hunt for deer; because as we were often obliged to get out of the canoe into the water the less clothes we had on the better. As the rattlesnakes were very numerous on the shore we dared not venture in our bare feet to the assistance of the dog or to see what kind of animal it was. On lighting our candle which had been extinguished during the bustle we discovered his tracks in the mud which proved to be those of the largest kind of bear; but we left him and Bosin to fight as best they could. Bosin did not return to us until near daylight when we found that he was considerably hurt and greatly fatigued.

While William Browning the Davises and myself were skinning the fine bear that we took out of his hole we found the whole load of those rough shot lodged in his shoulder though not deep enough to kill him. This proved to myself and old Mr. Davis that it was the very same fellow which wanted to drive me from his prey in Deep Creek.

After the flurry occasioned by the bear in the Creek had subsided a little William and I again started down the stream after deer discovering along the route otter, muskrats, ducks, and even hundreds of trout as they jumped out of the water. At length hearing a great splashing and bubbling we saw a fine deer standing nearly to his belly


Meshach Browning


Collection Location:
Ruth Enlow Library, Oakland

Original Size:
22 x 15 cms

Editor: Felix G. Robinson

Maryland, History

Western Maryland, 1750-1963

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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