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Register of Canal Boats, 1873-76

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Reg. No.Reg.DateName of BoatHailing Place of BoatName of Owner
1483/1/1873IronsidesWilliamsportB. V. Ardinger
1473/1/1873Irving, WashingtonCumberlandConsolidation Coal Co.
3383/10/1873James, John T.
1423/1/1873Jane, Mercini M.WilliamsportDavid J. Miller
1453/1/1873JesseShepherdstownGeorge Jones
1403/1/1873John & DavidOld TownJoseph Nuce
4603/28/1873JohnnyCumberlandPatrick Kean
5145/1/1874Johnny & FrankieSharpsburgJohn H. Gatrell
1463/1/1873Johnny & TommyCumberlandThomas Dunnigan
3373/10/1873Johnson, AndyPoint of RocksGeorge Snouffer
1443/1/1873Jon, FlatAntietamJ. H. Ahl & Co.
1493/1/1873KateSeneca, MdMaryland Free Stone Co.
1533/1/1873KateCumberlandAmerican Coal Co.
4554/23/1873KattskillMarylandConsolidation Coal Co.
3403/10/1873Kenah, H. J.MarylandConsolidation Coal Co.
4564/23/1873Keney, HenryNew YorkAmerican Coal Co.
4954/13/1874Kersey, MathewNew YorkAmerican Coal Co.
4268/11/1873Kindle, JohnCumberlandJames Stewart
4324/12/1873King, Elmer E.CumberlandKerns Kirby
3393/10/1873Kitwell, F.WevertonHunter & Coyle
1523/1/1873Knights of PythiasGeorgetownJohn W. Walker
4799/18/1873Knott, IreneJefferson Co., W. Va.Chas. H. Knott
1503/1/1873Kraus, HenryWilliamsportPhilip Artz
1513/1/1873Kreps, Ida J.WilliamsportElias Howard
1962/10/1874Kriegh, J. F.WilliamsportJ. W. McMachan
1663/1/1873Lady of the LakeWilliamsportVictor Cushwa
1653/1/1873Laing, Frederick J.CumberlandJames Young
3463/10/1873Laird, W
1573/1/1873LauraSeneca, MdMaryland Free Stone Co.
1713/1/1873LauraCumberlandConsolidation Coal Co.
1603/1/1873Lefever, F. M.CumberlandIsaac Davis
3433/10/1873Lemen, LillieTaylor Reed
3443/10/1873Lemen, N. S.
1583/1/1873Lemen, Peter L.WilliamsportWm. & J. A. Neal
4964/13/1874Lewis, Dr. M. M.New YorkAmerican Coal Co.
5785/1/1874Lillie & MayFrederick Co.W. L. Morrison
3473/10/1873Lincoln, A.CumberlandGeorge Hughes
1623/1/1873Linn, Sprigg S.BakersvilleAbraham Kroone
1613/1/1873LinnetCumberlandConsolidation Coal Co.
4424/9/1873Linthicum, E. M.MarylandConsolidation Coal Co.


C&O Canal Company

The PDF file includes all fields from the register; class, length, width and draught of boat, residence of owner and remarks.


Collection Location:
National Archives, College Park, MD

transcribed by William Bauman, 2010

Canal-boats, Maryland; Chesapeake and Ohio Canal (Md. and Washington, D.C.), 1851-1880

Maryland, D.C.; 1851-1880

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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