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Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, Sept 1862 (1-3C Ad: Medicine)

Herald of Freedom and Torch Light, Hagerstown, Md., September 1862, page 1 Click on the MEDIA ITEMS below for more information


Foutz's Mixture.
IS a safe and reliable remedy for the cure of Rheumatism, Painful Nervous Affections, Sprains, Burns, Swellings and all diseases requiring an external application on Man.
On Horses it will never fail to cure Pole-evil, Fistula, old running Sores, or Sweeney, if
properly applied. For sprains, bruises, scratches, crooked hoofs, Chafes, Saddle or Collar Gall, Cuts or Wounds, it is an infallible remedy.—
Try it, and be convinced of its efficacy.
Persons afflicted with this disease no matter of how long standing, can be promptly and
effectually cured by using this Mixture.
There is nothing in the world so sure and so good to take away bad Corns, and cure Frost Bites as this preparation. Try it and satisfy yourselves. Price 25 and 50 cents per bottle.
Prepared by
Westminster, Md.
For sale by D. C. AUGHINBAUGH, C. W. SMITH, BELL & Bro., Hagerstown, and by all Storekeepers.

Celebrated HORSE and CATTLE
THESE Powders have proved, after a trial of several years, to be superior to any preparation of the kind in use. The chief superiority of these Powders arises from the fact that they are composed of Medicines that have Laxative, Tonic and Purifying properties.—
The Laxative ejects crudities from the stomach and intestines ; the Tonic gives strength to the system of the Horse, and the purifying medicines contained in them cleanse the blood, and lay the foundation for a healthy and vigorous circulation. The use of them improves the wind, strengthens the appetite and gives the horse a fine, smooth and glossy skin—thus improving the appearance vigor and spirit of the noble animal.
These Powders are not intended, as most powders are, to bloat the animal, so as to give him the appearance of being fat when not really so—but, to remove the disease and promote his general health.
These Powders will strengthen the stomach and intestines, cleanse them from offensive matter, and bring them to a healthy state.
They are a sure prevention of Lung Fever, and a certain remedy for all diseases incident to the Horse, as Glanders, Yellow Water, Distempers Founder, Heaves, Slavering, Coughs, Fevers, Loss of Appetite, and Vital Energy, &c.
These Powders, if used two or three times a week, through the winter and Spring, your Horse will never get the Lung Fever, Colic or Botts. A few doses of these Powders will remove the worst Cough on any Horse. Were owners of Horses to feed a few of these Powders every year, they might save the lives of many valuable Horses.

The properties this Powder possesses in increasing the quantity of Milk in Cows, gives it
an importance and value which should place it in the hands of every person keeping a Cow.—
In fattening Cattle, it gives them an appetite, loosens their hide, and makes them thrive much faster.

In all diseases of Swine, as Coughs, Ulcers in the Lungs and Liver, &c, by putting from
half a paper to a paper of these Powders in a barrel of swill, the above diseases can be cured or entirely prevented. By using the powders the Hog Cholera can be prevented.

Prepared by
Westminster, Md.

For sale by D. C. AUGHINBAUGH, and C. W. SMITH, BELL & BRO., Hagerstown, and by all Storekeepers. Price 25 cents per paper, or 5 papers for $1.
March 26, '62—1yr.


Herald of Freedom and Torch Light

Maryland Historical Society

Sept 10-24, 1862

Collection Location:
Maryland Historical Society

Antietam, Battle of, Md., 1862; Maryland Campaign, 1862; Hagerstown (Md.)--Newspapers.

Washington County, MD. September 1862

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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