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Williamsport residents recall - Health concerns & WJEJ reporting

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Interview conducted at Homewood, Williamsport, March 11, 2011. Interviewer - John Frye. Interviewees - Sue Hoch, Robert May, Jack Myers, Charles South, and Maurice Snyder.

John: The interesting thing about the flooding at that time was that it was all over the east coast.

Maurice: It was like the heat of spring came in so fast it melted the snow and everything

John: Other rivers to the west of us, and even to the east of us flooded. Well, you had a big clean up after it went down and you lost a lot of the waterfront, a lot of the buildings I suppose with the flood?

Jack: The cleanup was tremendous. There was mud all over the floor, all over everything. Just think about that, mud up on the second floor, everywhere. That all had to be shoveled out and washed down. You had to re-wallpaper, and repaint. And you know what water does to wood. There would be lots of swelling and repairs to be made. I remember working on the houses to clean them up, to try to get them cleaned up.

Maurice: The major thing that after the water went down, the scare came in. A public health audit. Dr. Cameron, I think that was his name, they were afraid of a typhoid epidemic or something. He was closing the factories, he closed the tannery and gave everyone a shot for typhoid, at that time. He tried to protect the health end of it. He started over there, I think Cushwa’s got it, the tannery got it, anybody on the streets if they could get them. They were giving them the shots to protect the health in them. Dr Cameron …[?].

John: Talking about reporting, WJEJ radio actually brought people over here and broadcast live about the flood.

Maurice: Bill Paulsgrove

John: Yes, Bill Paulsgrove, right.

Jack to Sue: You remember Bill?

John: Everybody who remembers radio remembers Bill Paulsgrove.



The participants in the discussion were Sue Hoch, Robert May, Jack Myers, Charles South, and Maurice Snyder. John Frye was the interviewer. Also present were Joan and Gerry Knode of the Williamsport Town Museum, who coordinated up the interview session, and Marie and Kevin Gilbert of the Hagerstown Herald-Mail.


Collection Location:
Homewood, Williamsport

Floods, Maryland, Cumberland, History; Cumberland (Md.),History.

Allegany County, Md., 1936

Western Maryland Regional Library
100 South Potomac Street
Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

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